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New & Better Tuesday Sessions Booking

To improve the effectiveness of our controls of Covid19 for the Tuesday evening session, we are moving to a new booking system, the England Athletics supported, "RunTogether" app for November's sessions and beyond, following a successful trial with the "Fast Group".

It is an app that can be downloaded to your phone from the various platforms, App stores. Just download "RunTogether Runner" app, enter your Track & Trace and ICE information then search on "Cirencester" and you should recognise the Club logo and a run group suitable for you.

This app has all the track and trace functionality we need, plus means to ensure we comply with EA's "Covid Secure Environment" requirements.

The old system will become unavailable from Wednesday 28th October.

NB There are currently no plans to change the Thursday morning run booking system, so please carry on using the original system.

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