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More rest = faster running?

Izzie Chudley running over the Sydney Harbour Bridge

April 27th 2020

This week’s CRO 5km CRO run included a handicapping system (thank you Martin) against which 10 out of 12 ran faster than they did a month ago! Is this less work, less rushing around the nation or just less running? Or are we improving because we are running more?

Stay safe - run off road when you can!

Make a note our next 5km CRO run will be in the week beginning May 18th. It will be a challenge for us all but particularly Kate Sackett who, surely, can’t go on to beat her 22.29? The handicapping system also gives much deserved credit to the improving performances of Rachel Ranger (21.55 – wow Rachel!), Louise Abbott (31.57) and Rachel Barrow (25.33). Brian Harris (20.37) and Ian Barrett (first home in 19.07) should also be pleased with scores of over 102%. As for Tim Ingham and Karen Higuera who slipped slightly this time around, both had crucial contribution to make to the team event – see below for more details. The results also included seven club members who have joined CRO running since our last 5km and so had to start with 100%.

As for the age grading it continues to show the depth of our female talent (or does the system favour women?) the top 5 were all female as were 6 out of 8 scoring over 70%. Put another way – competing for men even, in super veteran age groups, is TOUGH. But then where were the women (beyond a few elite) in the film of the first London marathon in 1981 which was rebroadcast in recently?

Next week’s CRO run will be 5 miles and in the absence of a team event there will also be 2km option.

For those who like to plan here are few more dates all of which will involve a handicap dimension:

Week beginning 27th April 5 miles and 2 km

4th May 10km and 1 mile (would have been the week of Berkley 10 km)

11th May 1 mile including a team event

18th May 5 km

25th May 5 miles and 2 km

And don’t forget that we are collecting times for the 26.2 miles of a marathon.

Our congratulations to James Widdowson whose 4:45:24 run has already raised over £1,500 for the Longfield Hospice – if you haven’t donated yet - its: Justgiving/fundraising/james-widdowson1 .

Week Ending April 26th, Cirencester Runs On (CRO), 5k any surface


To work out the handicap score, your original 5k run during the week ending the 29th March has been used. Your new time divided by your original time has produced a percentage. Any percentage higher than 100, means you have run quicker this week. For people whom this run is their first 5k performance, I have simply given them 100.

1 Kate Sackett 111.94

2 Rachel Ranger 106.85

3 Louise Abbott 104.7

4 Rachel Barrow 103.0

5 Brian Harris 102.92

6 Ian Barrett 102.1

7 Martin Croucher 101.55

8 Liza Darroch 101.1

9 Ruth Fulford 100.28

10 Sophie Chudley 100.25

11= Ross Swain 100

11= Sarah Whitehouse 100

11= Paul Barrow 100

11= Andy Kilby 100

11= Gordon Jones 100

11= Jo Musk 100

11= Nick Wall 100

11 = Rob Tuttle 25.06

19 Tim Ingham 96.55

20 Karen Higuera 90.21


1 Ian Barrett 19.07

2 Jo Musk 19.54

3 Sophie Chudley 20.07

4 Brian Harris 20.37

5 Ross Swain 20.54

6 Rachel Ranger 21.55

7 Tim Ingham 22.12

8 Kate Sackett 22.29

9 Sarah Whitehouse 23.38

10 Gordon Jones 24.55

11 Rob Tuttle 25.06

12 Andy Kilby 25.21

13 Rachel Barrow 25.33

14 Martin Croucher 25.50

15 Nick Wall 27.23

16 Liza Darroch 27.24

17 Karen Higuera 29.27

18 Ruth Fulford 30.20

19 Louise Abbott 31.57

20 Paul Barrow 33.02


1 Kate Sackett 85.32%

2 Liza Darroch 84.95%

3 Ruth Fulford 76.74%

4 Sophie Chudley 76.58%

5 Jo Musk 74.92%

6 Brian Harris 74.86%

7 Rachel Ranger 74.44%

8 Ian Barrett 74.34%

9 Gordon Jones 69.26%

10 Rachel Barrow 67.20%

11 Andy Kilby 63.62%

12 Sarah Whitehouse 63.54%

13 Tim Ingham 63.02%

14 Louise Abbott 61.86%

15 Ross Swain 61.74%

16 Karen Higuera 60.69%

17 Rob Tuttle 59.94%

18 Nick Wall 58.89%

19 Martin Croucher 53.73%

20 Paul Barrow 53.60%

First CRO Team event

Two teams of 6 took part in the 1 mile virtual relay with all four Chudleys making a very welcome contribution from Sydney. In summary though, Team 2 came out victorious by only 70 seconds. It was actually very close after the first two legs, with Sophie and Tim for Team 2 and Brian and Jo for Team 1 pretty much cancelling each other out with only an 11 second deficit. Dorian then ran an absolute stormer of a leg to open a 45 second lead with Kate managing to increase it still further once her leg had been run. However, it was Millie who then ran brilliantly to bring Team 1 back into the lead by storming past Martin!!! But even though Izzie brought Team 1 home with a great final leg, it was left to her dad, to break the tape first for Team 2!!!!

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