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More and different CROing ahead

Ian Barrett seems to have effectively seen off all the competition as he continues to dominate in what has been a quieter week of CRO running. If 10km is “too far” for some – we have a single mile coming up with a chance of everyone to have a go and no less than four teams competing!!

Ian’s 10 k time of 39.53 also earned him 74% in age rating and, with an improvement on his last CRO 10k of 65seconds, a handicapped score of 102.72%. Brian Harris continues to shine too with 42.42 and, although his improvement was restricted to a more modest 12 seconds, his greater years pushed him up the age grading. Tim Ingham was next with 45.37 and his 14 second improvement allowed him to sneak ahead of Brian in the Handicap list – just.

Following Tim were a tight group from Tuesday training’s “middle group” but (ignoring Andy Kilby who will never desert Dursley) spot the odd one out from Rob Tuttle (52.15), Andy Kilby (52.41), Gordon Jones (53.24), Rachel Barrow (54.12), Martin Croucher (54.20), Nick Wall (54.33) and Rupert Chesmore (55.13)? Is that someone is due for promotion when we do, finally, get back together in Tuesday training groups?

Louise Abbott finally found a competitive route and, by knocking nearly 6 MINUTES from her time, her handicap score of 106.63% is the envy of us all. Liza Darroch also enjoyed better conditions on a slightly kinder route enabling her to score 102.96% and to top the Age Grading list again. It is interesting to note that nearly all faithful CRO runners scored slightly lower on the Age Grading % this week than last which possibly reflects the popularity of and therefore competitiveness of 10k over and above 5 miles.

Only two runners had a go at the one mile option this week. Was Kate Sackett avoiding her battle with Tim Ingham or has she just been having too much fun running off road? Whatever, her 7.19 minute mile shows she is still running well. On the other hand Paul Barrow, who was wonderfully consistent over 10k ran a more leisurely mile this week.

Enough of last week – let’s focus on the plans for the next few weeks. The basic outline is as follows, for week beginning:

11th May 1 mile including team event – see details of teams below - if you ran this week you are in a team next week – if you didn’t run this week you can still join in.

18th May 5 km including a “Ross Barkley” option – see below

25th May 5 miles or 2 km

1st June an opportunity to go off road or have a go at any distance over 10 k you fancy maybe doing 26.2 miles (but only if you feel suitably prepared) otherwise a CRO rest. If you do run and want the time recorded – just email distance and time in as usual.

8th June 1 mile including team event

Results for week ending May 10th, Cirencester Runs On (CRO), 10k any surface


1 Ian Barrett 39.53

2 Brian Harris 42.42

3 Tim Ingham 45.37

4 Rob Tuttle 52.15

5 Andy Kilby 52.41

6 Gordon Jones 53.24

7 Rachel Barrow 54.12

8 Martin Croucher 54.20

9 Nick Wall 54.33

10 Rupert Chesmore 55.13

11 Liza Darroch 58.36

12 Ruth Fulford 1.00.17

13 Louise Abbott 1.03.55

14 Paul Barrow 1.13.00


1 Liza Darroch 82.04%

2 Ruth Fulford 79.75%

3 Brian Harris 75.31%

4 Ian Barrett 74.24%

5 Gordon Jones 67.23%

6 Rachel Barrow 64.81%

7 Tim Ingham 63.90%

8 Andy Kilby 63.78%

9 Louise Abbott 63.51%

10 Nick Wall 61.60%

11 Rupert Chesmore 60.31%

12 Rob Tuttle 60.00%

13 Martin Croucher 53.23%

14 Paul Barrow 50.53%

Cirencester Runs On (CRO), 1 mile any surface

Kate Sackett 7.19 or 78.02%

Paul Barrow 9.54 or 52.52%


To work out the handicap score, your original 10k run run during the week ending the 19th April has been used. Your original time divided by your new time has produced a percentage. Any percentage higher than 100, means you have run quicker this week. For people whom this run is their first 10k performance, I have simply given them 100.

1 Louise Abbott 106.63

2 Liza Darroch 102.96

3 Ian Barrett 102.72

4 Ruth Fulford 101.94

5 Rachel Barrow 101.27

6 Tim Ingham 100.52

7 Brian Harris 100.47

8 Gordon Jones 100.19

9 Rupert Chesmore 100

10 Paul Barrow 99.96

11 Andy Kilby 99.25

12 Nick Wall 99.18

13 Rob Tuttle 98.95

14 Martin Croucher 97.70

Teams for the 1 mile event this coming week.

Team 1 - Tim Ingham, Louise Abbott, Nick Wall, Rachel Ranger, Gary Wood - Estimated Time 36.52

Team 2 - Ian Barrett, Ruth Fulford, Andy Kilby, Kate Sackett, Rob Tuttle - Estimated Time 36.51

Team 3 - Jo Musk, Paul Barrow, Rupert Chesmore, Rachel Barrow, Gordon Jones - Estimated Time 36.46

Team 4 - Brian Harris, Liza Darroch, Martin Croucher, Karen Higuera, Dorian Matts - Estimated Time 36.52

As before – run your mile as and when it suits and email in your time as soon as you can so Martin can watch the competition develop and keep us all posted.

Ross Barkley 5km for week beginning 18th May Ross Barkley is a footballer, but he posted a 5k time on Strava which was stupidly quick. Essentially he only recorded his efforts on his watch, he kept stopping and starting.

The idea is for you to see how quickly you could run a 5k. Anything goes, you could sprint as far as you can, stop and recover and sprint off again?? You could find a hill and run down it, stop your watch, recover, walk back up and then run down again (and again). For example the slope in Cirencester park towards the gate would provide a lovely kind incline. (Note to self: make sure you have warmed up well before you start.)

Agreed it sounds crazy and kind of meaningless but fun all the same – imagine if you could get your breath back after each lap of the Cirencester parkrun!!

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