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Keep Running - Start CRO-ing

March 23 2020

Our normal running and racing lives have been put on hold but, until sterner measures are imposed – which may be sooner rather than later – members are continuing to run and share their activities (and much more) on Whatsapp and Facebook. Our much loved Chedworth Race has had to be cancelled (full refunds are available to all) and we are regularly reviewing the possibility that our Summer Sizzler, scheduled for June 10th, may also have to be postponed or even cancelled too.

The club is also launching CRO (Cirencester Runs On). Members will be running a set distance every week (singly or in pairs if social distancing rules allows it) and we will collate and share their times on the club web site and via this report every Sunday evening. The aim is to keep everyone running, sharing, supporting and having fun. The rules are simple –see below.

This week also sees the end of a different era. For many years Dave Wright, (one of the club’s most knowledgeable members and an experienced and still very successful runner), has painstakingly and meticulously collected all members race results. These results have been listed on the club web site and they form the basis of the weekly reports. Dave has also maintained an extensive database of members’ racing achievements going as far back as 2004 – a treasure trove of information that most clubs wouldn’t even dream of. In turn this database enabled Dave to keep tabs on all the club records across every age group and all the usual racing distances. Last weekend was Dave’s last and we would all like to record our appreciation and thanks to him for all that he has done for us and our hope that he will remain an active and valuable member of the club. Replacing Dave has not been easy but members can be confident that between them, Martin Croucher, Louise Horner Baggs and Ollie Pritchard have got it covered. Thank you everyone including Pam our amazing and tireless Chair.

Rules for CRO

1 Anyone can take part, all club members of course, of any age, but also any other runner from the Cirencester area is welcome.

2 We will set a distance every week – runners need to use an electronic device to record both distance and time and then pass these details to Some photos will also be welcome but please don’t jam the mailbox.

3 Week 1 – we are starting with a parkrun distance – 5k - and, over the weeks, you will get plenty of opportunities to repeat 5k to try to improve your times.

4 You can run when you like, on the route that you choose but you must send in your times by 3pm every Sunday – for week 1 this will be Sunday 29th March.

5 Results will be published on our web site by Sunday evening with the report on the Newsfeed and Facebook a day later.

6 We have no system to police this – there just is no point if you are not honest – yes you could cheat- but would there be any point?

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