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"Keep On Running"

For those members who cannot, or choose not to, join the Tuesday evening group training sessions, I have produced this bit of advice, with some help.

Basics of running endurance

There is no real substitute for “time on feet” and whether a new or experienced endurance runner, there is a need to “get the miles in”. Depending on your goals, race distances and current performance level, there is a need to get a solid basis of miles in the tank. Key to remember is that most (80%) should be done at an easy pace, with the rest done at elevated pace, e.g. tempo run or intervals session. The latter is more difficult without fellow runners to run with in a group, so perhaps now is the time to focus on strength and mobility.

Almost all of us were not taught to run, so we all have our own “style”. Some of these styles may feel natural to us but may not be ideal, and involve compensating for inflexibility, previous injury or using some ideas we picked up along the way. There are some basics in running posture that all runners should try to achieve, as these not only help you run faster, further or just more frequently, but reduce the risk of injury: running tall and staying relaxed.

Try to “Be like Mo”

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