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Changes that may affect you

March 15th will be last time Dave Wright collects the race results for us. After Dave’s many years of incredible service it has proved impossible to find anyone prepared to take over everything so things are set to change – mostly behind the scenes.

What YOU need to know is that Martin Croucher will be collating club members’ results but he will be using the club Fixtures List to guide him. If you want your race (both running and triathlon events) to feature in the Club Results (and report) you need to make sure your event is listed on the Fixtures list.

Please look at your competition diary to check and confirm that all your planned events are already on the Fixtures List which can be found under ABOUT US on the Club Web site.

To ask for your race to be added to the Fixtures list email :

Ruth Fulford and Louise Horner-Baggs will process these emails and place all listed races on the club FIXTURES LIST.

Note: If you don’t want a particular event on the Fixtures List because you prefer to compete away from the public eye but want your results included OR you end up doing a last minute race you should email: with as much details as to where the results can be found as possible.

Please also use: to pass on any other information about your races – your experiences, if you achieved a PB etc and any other comments you think might help in writing the weekly report.

Finally Martin and Louise will also update the website every time a new Club Members Record is achieved and Liza Darroch will continue to use the listed results to write her report but the super fast service you have all got used to may slow slightly. Liza’s weekly reports can be found under NEWSFEED on the Club Web Site, on Facebook and (usually) on the final Sports pages of the Wilts and Glos Standard.

Our sincere and lasting thanks to Dave Wright for all his hard work and we will do our best to continue to provide the kind of service many clubs don’t even dream of.

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Mar 10, 2020

May I extend a big hand to David for all his years of sterling service in collating our results - THANK YOU. Onwards and upwards and maybe the importance of chip times as opposed to gun times in recording times and club records will taken onboard.

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