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High Club sessions' turnout, prior to Lockdown2

Perhaps it was the opportunity for a last run with fellow members before the new Lockdown starts on Thursday, but Tuesday evening's session saw the largest number of members run at a Club session since before the first lockdown in March.

The Fast Group had its usual turnout of seven to run up and down Tinglesfield. The Middle Group had six runners, including one U18, up at Chesterton for three sets of mini pyramids.

There were 8 Improvers, including two U18's, running five sets of 600m efforts up and down SJP's car park.

Lastly but not least, 8 Junior runners (two slightly over 18!) ran varying length efforts, including one relay, in Waterloo car park, with an addition parent "safeguarder" vehicle spotting.

All the runs were designed and approved by our qualified coaches and led by our volunteer members, all getting to grips with our new Run Management system. Many thanks to them.

Hopefully, it will not be too long before we can meet up and run together again, but in the meantime we still have CRO and there will be posts suggesting sessions you can do on your own to maintain and build upon the gains you have made from the Club sessions, on the track and around Cirencester subsequently.

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