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Happy Anniversary Cirencester Athletics and Triathlon Club

To celebrate our 35th birthday while complying to all pandemic precautions we asked members to do something - anything - that involved the number 35 and wow did they come up with some great ideas. There were those who pushed themselves to achieve further or , faster running, used their triathlon skills to mix and match a 35 but there were many, many more who found a host of others ways to generate the 35. Martin's excellent listing below tells you all about it and provides us with a great chapter for the club's archive telling a story of a club getting together in tough and isolating times. Liz and James have been busy posting photos on our facebook page and we will be working to combine word and photos together - watch this space.

It's been a great week with over 60 members contributing to the fun. Well done and thank you to everyone especially Martin and Happy Anniversary Cirencester Athletics and Triathlon Club.

Week Ending June 28th, Cirencester Athletic Club 35 Year Anniversary Challenge

Ellen and Jenny Leggate

Ellen and daughter Jenny ran from their house in Cambridgeshire, along the 35m contour, showing just how flat and low lying it really is!!

Dave Bell

Dave modified his weekly interval session. He ran 35 seconds fast efforts with 35 seconds recovery for a total of 35 times. Including his warm up and cool down, he expertly made this 3.5 miles.

Tim Ingham and Karen Higuera

Tim and Karen ran a wonderful 35 miles together through the Stroud valleys in a time of 7 hours 30 minutes. They also ate brownies every 3.5 miles and remained suitably hydrated with 3.5 litres of water.

Rachel McAdam

Using her newly acquired weighted hula hoop, Rachel completed 35 laps hula hooping around her garden in under 35 minutes. Very wisely she utilised the shade that was on offer, before the mercury hit 35.2 degrees in the afternoon.

Dorian Matts

Dorian conquered Cirencester Park’s very own Mount Everest, namely Big Bertha by climbing it 35 times.

Jill Hadland and Nicola Denning

Jill and Nicola live 0.1 miles away from each other. They decided to run 35 times back and forth from each other’s houses to thereby complete 3.5 miles. They completed the challenge in 35 minutes and to keep energy levels high, ate 35 cherries over the course of the run.

Jo Roberts

Jo came first in her triathlon. She ran for 35 minutes (twice), cycled for 35km and then swam for 3.5 laps of the lake.

Martin Croucher

Martin decided to take heat acclimatisation training to the next level, by running 1 mile whilst wearing 35 pieces of running clothing, including 17 t-shirts and 8 pairs of shorts / leggings. It was a tad warm.

Rachel and Gordon Jones

Lake 104 in Fairford was the setting for the Jones’. Rachel enjoyed running 3.5 times around its perimeter whilst Gordon decided a nice walk of 3.5 miles would do the trick instead.

Oliver Pritchard

Oliver created his own triathlon by swimming, running then cycling a total of 3.5 miles.

Brian Harris

Brian decided to take on numerous challenges throughout the week. The first was to consume 35 chocolates, whilst the second was to run 35 laps around the Queen Anne monument in Cirencester Park. Finally on Sunday, he started running at 7.35am, ran for 1 hour 35 minutes to make a total of 350 minutes for the week. He managed to keep the pace at just under 7.35 min / mile and for a final bonus, covered a half marathon in a new PB of 1.35.

Pam Wheeler

Pam decided to take things to the next level by completing a daily 35 task.

Monday – 35 jelly babies to be eaten 5 a day over the week – and a nod to the lovely Thursday group.

Tuesday – 35 minute walk in the lovely Abbey Grounds

Wednesday – A run around the Abbey Grounds 3.5 times, even managing to get the total distance to equal 3.5 miles.

Thursday – 35 minute turbo session.

Friday – A 35 minute run around the Abbey Grounds.

Saturday – A birthday cake made on an old tub lid, soil, a Happy Birthday disc, one candle and 35 white lit candles. (Lockdown improvisation at its best)

Sunday – A “35” made out of old trainers not disposed of yet.

Rupert Chesmore

Rupert ran around 35 fields in Cranham, all of which he has either fenced or cut the hedges. 35 fields, 2 hours 52 mins, 13.36 miles, 2039ft ascent.

Louise Horner-Baggs

Louise very cunningly chose to split her 3 running sessions up so ran 3.5 miles 7 times.

Clare Tapley

Participated in a Hayley Hurdle inspired fitness session that involved 3 rounds of 10 exercises with 35 second efforts. She also ran 3.5 miles around the trails of the Quenington and Coln.

Jenny Manners

Jenny dipped her toes in the water somewhere in Wales for a 35 minute swim. Then later in the week, popped out for steady 35km, aerobic bike ride. Not content with that, she then went onto run 3.5 miles in the stifling heat.

Bill Leggate

Bill very cunningly managed to scribe CAC 35 with the use of Strava art in a field in Cirencester. It was a good job no Polo match was taking place at the time.

Jo, Gethin, Brecon ad Lyra Musk

Brecon (3) fantastically rode 3.5 miles on his balance bike uphill and off road around Cirencester in the heat. Meanwhile mum, Jo, decided to run 35 efforts of 365m (apparently this was inspired by husband, Gethin!!). But not to be outdone by her brother, over the course of several days, Lyra (5) completed 35 laps of their kitchen island on her own using her walking frame.

Rachel Ranger

Rachel took advantage of the cooler conditions on Saturday to run 3.5 miles in 35 minutes but to make things more interesting, did this whilst wearing a 35 litre rucksack.

Tom Morgan

Recently joined member Tom got in on the act by running his longest effort in 3 months. 3.5 miles out and back along the gorgeous Roman Trails close to Rendcomb and Chedworth.

David Edelsten

David ran 3.5 miles around a very windy Chedworth airfield in a perfectly timed 35 minutes. During the week he also joined a virtual pub chat for 35 minutes and tried very hard to drink 3.5 pints!!

Rachel Barrow and Rob Tuttle

Rachel and Rob decided to run together to complete their 35 miles, so ran 17.5 miles each, in just under 3 hours. It was a varied route around Cirencester fuelled mostly, I’m told, by Fruit Pastilles.

Ali Norris

Ali successfully completed her couch to 5k course by completing her last run and running for 35 minutes.

Paul Barrow

Paul cycled for 35 miles around Cirencester in just over 3 hours. The 6 lapped course ensured he was never too far away from home should any mechanical mishaps occur.

Liza Darroch

Not content with “just” running 35km, Liza went on to complete a marathon. She luckily had company for large chunks, with Kate, Andy and Sarah ably supporting.

Sarah Whitehouse

Sarah decided to run her 35km across 3 separate runs, during a 35 hour window, starting at 8pm on Friday and finishing Sunday morning at 7am.

Kate Sackett and Andy Kilby

Both Kate and Andy accompanied Liza during her marathon to run 35k of the course together.

Ruth Fulford

Over almost 35 years of friendship and running at the club, Ruth ran 35k over 5 days, each one, proudly wearing a different version of our running colours. She ran 6k to collect the paper three times across fields and stiles, an easy 10k and then finished with a swift 7k in 41 mins.

Liz, James and Sylvester Thomas

The Thomas family ventured out together. So, 3.5 people ran 3.5 miles and together with their dog, Lolo, who contributed with 3.5 swims. To end the week, James, Sylvester and Lolo went out again to finish their weekly total on 35 miles.

Leo Crawford

Leo went on his own personal 35km journey around Cirencester and its surrounding hills.

Colin Tapley

Whilst trying to move a pot in his garden, Colin unfortunately injured his knee. Still wanting to participate in the weeks activities, he successfully delegated duties to wife Clare who cycled 35 mins on Zwift for him.

Helen Manners

Helen went on a lovely walk around the Abbey Grounds lake, 35 times in fact. With a 5am start and rain to contend with, having company with Jo certainly helped the time fly by.

Joyce Mathews

Joyce went for her run and managed to end her route very expertly at exactly 8.35 miles.

Louise Abbott

Louise decided to up the ante by running 35 miles over the week in a time of 7 hours and 13 minutes.

Monday – 11 miles in 2 hours 17 minutes

Wednesday – 10 miles in 2 hours

Friday – 12 miles in 2 hours 34 minutes

Sunday – 2 miles in 22 minutes.

Nicola Wood

Nicola also ran her 35 miles across the course of 7 days which is the most miles she has ever run in one week.

James and Rosie-Jane Widdowson

James very skilfully created some more Strava art. Whilst running around at the top of Cirencester Park, he managed to scribe the number 35 and a picture of our club logo, the hare, onto the grassy fields. Accompanied by his daughter Rosie-Jane, she contributed by running 3.5km.

James has also penned a 35 word poem:

There’s a fine athletics club in Cirencester;

To join it, a friend did me pester,

And once armed with my club vest,

Came personal best upon best,

My wife did say it quite impressed her!

Nick Wall

Another triathlon entrant, Nick swam for 1 mile, ran for 7 miles and then finished off with a 27 mile bike ride.

Paul Edrich

Paul carved yet more tracks into Big Bertha following Dorian earlier in the week. Paul got up close and personal with the hill 35 times during his tough session.

Ian Barrett

Ian managed to clock up his 35 miles by running the same, very consistently paced 5 miles over the 7 days and given the week we have had, all in different weather conditions!!!

Isobel Watt

Isobel decided to run her 35km over a number of sessions during the week, and not just easy ones either. She started with a very swift 5k (23 mins), an easy 10k, a supposedly easy 5k (26 mins!!), an 8km Kenyon hills session up Tetbury hill and then finished with a 7km interval session.

Carol Clarke

Carol decided a long cycle ride of 35.9 miles was a suitable way to celebrate.

Caroline Pople

Another entry into the 35km over a week brigade. Caroline very craftily avoided the stifling heat of the couple of days where the temperature rose to over 30 degrees, and was rightly chuffed to have run further than she had done in the previous three years.

Jos Randall

Jos increased her strength and mobility training by “bouncing” 35 times on her trampoline.

Dick Waldron

Dick may have slightly misread the brief of the week and pretty much filled an entire recycling truck with his “alleged” consumption of 350 cans of something....

David Musgrove

David’s contribution was two runs of 35 mins which equated to a very sweaty 1 hour 10 minute session.

Jenny Hill

Jenny spent the week practicing her refuelling skills and making sure she was properly hydrated at all times by consuming 35 glasses of certain beverages.

Sam and Paul Timms

Over the course of the week, Paul ran a total of 35 miles taking him a total of 4 hours and 52 minutes and Sam achieved a weekly total of 35 km for the month June.

Brendon Mcarthy

Brendon used the now well trodden path of Big bertha to complete his 35 efforts up and down. To keep spirits high, he joined forces with Paul during the final stages.

Lara Tompson and Hayley Hurdle

Using their children as motivation, Lara and Hayley leapfrogged 35 times over them around the garden.

Alan McAdam

Rumour has it that Blicks Hill in Malmesbury is to be renamed the McAdam Hill after Alan was seen running up and down it 35 times.

Rob Brown

A member of the ultra group within the club, Rob decided to add a few more miles to his long run to total 35.29. He meandered rather quickly around Cirencester and the surrounding area though.

Adrian Williams

In typical style, Adrian did a total of 35 hours of exercise over the month of June – 15 hours running (128 miles), 11 hours cycling (166 miles), 2 hour swimming (4 miles) capped off by 7 hours of hiking (22 milles) to be a mere 30 miles short of 350 miles.


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