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Fast CRO Miles - Chris Illman 4.52 and Bill Leggate 4.55

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

CRO running Week 2 (includes details of new “Junior” run) March 5th 2020


Two late entries added

Note: Make sure you sent your results to The email address given on Strava was incorrect. Welcome to CRO running Brecht and Sarah.

CRO running Week 2 (includes details of new “Junior” run) March 5th 2020

Bill Leggate’s 4.55 mile tops the age graded league this week and was only 3 seconds behind timed winner Chris illman. Double thanks to Dr Bill, firstly as a representative of the NHS in these strange and difficult times and secondly for demonstrating to us all that age is no barrier to superb performance. Twenty four club members had a go at running a solo mile this week and the resulting times are a credit to all who managed to push themselves in the absence of any visible competition. As a club of road and cross country runners, triathletes and ultra runners we might all expect to find a mile painfully hard – some will have been pleased then to hear that the man who suggested the distance struggled too!

In addition to the two running sub 5 minutes another six were able to achieve sub 6. Brian Harris (a recent and “not so young” returnee to the club) and Sophie Chudley the first lady were beaten by the consistently strong Aaron Willis, Mark Sysum, Adrian Williams and Ian Barrett. Of the seven who achieved a sub 7 minute mile particular congratulations to Jo Roberts for her age graded 5th place. That she was ranked behind Liza Darroch (2nd) and Ruth Fulford (4th) says more about the numbers of FV70+ running than it does about their actual times. A good run too from Karen Higuera. Finally it was great to see two juniors giving it a go Ollie Sysum ran a fine 8.58 and Millie Chudley’s 7.09 put her 17th in both lists.

Next week the CRO distance is 5 miles – because, in more normal times, many of us would have been running the Highworth 5 as part of the club Road Running Championships. The usual rules apply - it can by any surface and run at any time in the week but you are now being asked to start and finish in the same place. Circuits or ‘there and back’ routes are fine – we simply seek to eliminate an unfair excess of downhill running.

We are also launching a second, shorter distance each week – with Juniors in mind - but open to everyone. So this week you can run either 2km or 5 miles (or both I suppose!) These shorter distances can be run A to B – ie with different start and finish point.

Next week it will be 10km or 1 mile.

For further details see earlier newsfeed but remember you must email your results to by 3 pm on Sunday 12th.



4.52 Chris Illman 1 Bill Leggate 81.66%

4.55 Bill Leggate 2 Liza Darroch 78.16%

5.07 Aaron Willis 3 Chris Illman 77.12%

5.10 Brecht Grieten 4 Ruth Fulford 77.00%

5.23 Mark Sysum 5 Jo Roberts 76.93%

5.38 Adrian Williams 6 Brian Harris 76.83%

5.45 Ian Barrett 7 Sophie Chudley 76.47%

5.54 Brian Harris 8 Mark Sysum 76.34%

5.59 Sophie Chudley 9 Aaron Willis 76.16%

6.05 Tom Renton-Rose 10 Karen Higuera 73.73%

6.15 Tim Ingham 11 Ian Barrett 72.59%

6.18 James Widdowson 12 Brecht Grieten 71.87%

6.43 Dorian Matts 13 Adrian Williams 71.83%

6.44 Jo Roberts 14 Rachel Ranger 71.28%

6.48 Alex Chudley 15 Rachel Barrow 69.29%

6.49 Rachel Ranger 16 Dorian Matts 68.68%

7.07 Nick Wall 17 Nick Wall 66.56%

7.09 Millie Chudley 18 Millie Chudley 65.94%

7.13 Karen Higuera 19 Tim Ingham 65.75%

7.17 Rachel Barrow 20 James Widdowson 65.23%

7.56 Sarah Whitehouse 21 Alex Chudley 62.37%

8.11 Martin Croucher 22 Tom Renton-Rose 61.04%

8.51 Liza Darroch 23 Louise Abbott 59.69%

8.58 Ollie Sysum 24 Sarah Whitehouse 55.82%

8.59 Ruth Fulford 25 Ollie Sysum 50.64%

9.51 Louise Abbott 26 Martin Croucher 49.83%


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