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Dave Musgrove turns 90?

This week it was David Musgrove’s turn to find a “race” and some race it was – 44 miles of the South West coastal path with around 5,500 ft of ascent and all the rocky paths and views you could wish for. The 186 runners started one at a time making this, technically, a time trial rather than a race but this seems likely to be the way of all competitive events for the coming months. Starting at the southern most point on the Lizard the route bends around to the most westerly point of England turning 90 degrees in the process- hence the name “Classic Quarter” and Dave did the punishing 44 miles in 10.25 to finish more than halfway up the field.

Endurance Life Classic Quarter, Lizard Point to Lands End, 44 miles, trail

1 Jamie Stephenson 6.45.02

77 David Musgrove (Cirencester AC) 10.25.04 186 finished

Somewhat easier was this week’s CRO run with 11 members forcing themselves to run a single mile. Ian Barrett held his form to produce a 5.39 mile and Brian Harris and Sophie Chudley both also managed to squeeze in under 6 minutes. Rachel Barrow ran very well off the back of her great Half Marathon as did Ruth Fulford and Paul Barrow. Finally we hear that, at last, Pam Wheeler has coaxed herself back to some sort of form and can only speed up from here – which is great news.

Cirencester Run On and CRO distances for the next few week are as follows: wc 7th September - 5km wc 14th September - 5km wc 21st September - 5 mile wc 28th September - 1 mile wc 5th October - 5km wc 12th October - 5km wc 19th October - 10 miles

Week Ending September 6th, Cirencester Runs On (CRO), 1 mile any surface


1 Ian Barrett 5.39

2 Brian Harris 5.51

3 Sophie Chudley 5.59

4 Rachel Barrow 7.45

5 Rupert Chesmore 7.54

6 Martin Croucher 8.07

7 Ruth Fulford 8.16

8 Liza Darroch 8.47

9 Paul Barrow 8.58

10 Louise Abbott 9.22

11 Pam Wheeler 9.41


1 Ruth Fulford 83.68%

2 Liza Darroch 78.76%

3 Brian Harris 77.49%

4 Sophie Chudley 77.37%

5 Ian Barrett 74.47%

6 Rachel Barrow 65.97%

7 Louise Abbott 63.73%

8 Pam Wheeler 63.58%

9 Rupert Chesmore 59.43%

10 Paul Barrow 58.00%

11 Martin Croucher 50.23%


To work out the handicap score, your last 1 mile run has been used. Your original time divided by your new time has produced a percentage. Any percentage higher than 100, means you have run quicker this week. For people whom this run is their first 1 mile performance, I have simply given them 100.

1 Brian Harris 119.09

2 Pam Wheeler 106.89

3 Rachel Barrow 104.95

4 Sophie Chudley 103.90

5 Ruth Fulford 102.83

6 Paul Barrow 101.86

7 Ian Barrett 100.59

8 Rupert Chesmore 100

9 Louise Abbott 99.83

10 Martin Croucher 98.16

11 Liza Darroch 91.28


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