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CROSS ON HOLD during Lockdown V2.

Your CROSS team has reluctantly agreed that we need to put group trail running on hold for the moment. We do not want to encourage people to move around taking non-essential journeys and this, sadly, includes making trips around the area to run.

The alternate CRO weeks of road running – anywhere- anytime will continue and we urge everyone to keep on running and to enjoy any of the trails close to home. We will be working on increasing the database of runs – particularly around Cirencester - so PLEASE forward any favourite trail runs and ideas you have to James.

Lee and Nina Lawrence and Joyce Mathews found a 10k road race in the nick of time. Lee raced round the lanes of Westonbirt in 45.58 to finish in 23 rd place. Joyce Mathews was only just over two minutes behind finishing third in her FV40 age group in 48.02 and Nina put in a fine effort to finish in 1.14.

31st October, Westonbirt Autumn 10k, 10k, ro

1 Ricky Montacute (Royal Engineers RC) 36.40

23 Lee Lawrence (Cirencester AC) 45.58

38 Joyce Mathews 48.02 – 3rd WV40

76 Sally Jamieson 53.52

258 Nina Lawrence 1.14.04 298 finished

For this week’s CRO, ten members had a go at the Single Mile run – the distance we all love to hate. Five Thursday morning runners, guided by Dick Waldron, took advantage of flat tracks around various polo grounds with mixed results. A recovering Brian Harris was “home” first in 6.32 but Colin Tapley, running nearer home, was a mere 3 seconds behind. Liz Thomas was next with 7.35 and Nick Wall finished in 7.40. Alan Macadam and Martin went steady but Ruth Fulford left Liza well behind to finish sub 9. Clare Tapley and Louise Abbott also ran well.

Week Ending November 1st, CROSS 1 Mile, any terrain

1 Brian Harris 6.32

2 Colin Tapley 6.35

3 Liz Thomas 7.35

4 Nick Wall 7.40

5 Alan Macadam 7.52

6 Martin Croucher 8.04

7 Ruth Fulford 8.46

8 Clare Tapley 9.01

9 Liza Darroch 9.23

10 Louise Abbott 9.43

Next week – pick a trail run near home and the following week its 5 km – as ever lots more on the web site.

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