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Cotswold Way Relay 2021

Thank you to all those who have volunteered to race in this year's Cotswold way relay. I have some information on this year's race. The format has changed a little from previous years.

This year;

Timing is recorded by an app - Maprun6 - you'll need to download this app onto your phone and register your info and search for the CWR event. You'll need to run with your phone with this app (it can also help guide you).

Start times for each stage are shown here -

Our club treasurer (Caroline Pople) has kindly paid the entry fee for all three teams for her personal account so everybody running needs to pay her £15. (No pay no run)

Please send payments to the club account:

Cirencester Athletics Club, 40-17-25, 31084720

Please do recce your leg if you can as it's not a mass start so people are more likely to get lost!

Two people have had to drop out, so if you know of anyone who would like to race (all abilities welcome) please let me know.

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