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Cirencester Runs On - our inaugural CRO race

Twenty members used our new CRO run initiative to push themselves over 5 km with some great results. We may all have to run in splendid isolation but that only increased the power of a group race – albeit virtual. It gave Tim Ingham the incentive to run his first ever competitive 5 km, Sophie Chudley to run around a close to deserted Sydney Harbour and Opera House and pushed Liza Darroch way out of her comfort zone running around two fields at the back of her house cross country style (although she was then so embarrassed by the time she had to run again on road). It was also a relief to see Jo Roberts was not still in Brazil and forced to run there.

Our original plan was to make it a simple, timed race but our new results compiler, Martin Croucher, kindly took it one step further to include Age Gradings which make equally interesting reading even if this pushed Chris Illman’s fine 16.49 down to 6th place and appears to favour the older female!

Anyone on the Cirencester A C Chat Whatsapp Group will know that CRO runners and many other members have been busy sharing their experiences and ideas for running in these strange Covid 19 confined times. Most of us are lucky to still be able to get out to run so our thoughts are with Jo and Gethin Muskin in total isolation to protect their lovely little Lyra and Pam Wheeler who limits herself to predawn dashes as she lives with an elderly mum.

Note: Anyone wanting to join the Whatsapp group has only to contact James or Liz Thomas, Louise Abbott or Liza Darroch.

This week’s CRO race is a simple(?) FAST ONE MILE – any surface but as level as possible.

We welcome anyone living around or connected to Cirencester and the Club – all you have to do is run the 1 mile, record your time and send it to by 3 pm Sunday 5th. (Non Club members should include their age/Date of Birth but we already have these for club members). This would have been the day of our Chedworth multi terrain race so let’s have an equally good turn out for the CRO Mile. (More details re "rules" on a previous post on this NewsFeed).

GET OUT THERE - JUST DO IT (but please warm up well for the mile)

Week Ending March 29th, 1st Cirencester Runs On (CRO), 5k any surface

Gun Time Age Graded

1 Chris Illman 16.49 1 Liza Darroch 84.03%

2Mark Sysum 18.04 2 Mark Sysum 77.44%

3 Aaron Willis 18.12 3 Sophie Chudley 76.83%

4 Ian Barrett 19.31 4 Ruth Fulford 76.53%

5 Sophie Chudley 20.13 5 Kate Sackett 76.22%

6 Tom Renton-Rose 20.27 6 Chris Illman 75.70%

7 James Widdowson 21.00 7 Aaron Willis 72.89%

8 Brian Harris 21.13 8 Ian Barrett 72.81%

9 Tim Ingham 21.26 9 Brian Harris 72.72%

10 Dorian Matts 22.06 10 Dorian Matts 71.06%

11 Rachel Ranger 23.25 11 Jo Roberts 70.06%

12 David Moss 23.47 12 Rachel Ranger 69.67%

13 Jo Roberts 24.50 13 Karen Higuera 67.27%

14 Kate Sackett 25.10 14 James Widdowson 66.62%

15 Martin Croucher 26.14 15 Tim Ingham 65.27%

16 Rachel Barrow 26.20 16 Rachel Barrow 64.36%

17 Karen Higuera 26.34 17 Tom Renton-Rose 61.82%

18 L iza Darroch 27.42 18 Louise Abbott 59.08%

19 Ruth Fulford 30.25 19 David Moss 58.36%

20 Louise Abbott 33.27 20 Martin Croucher 52.91%

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