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Cirencester AC at the Activius day event

On Saturday, 10th September, Cirencester Rotary Club held it’s Activius day event to encourage children to participate in sport. See more Information on the day and the bursary set up to facilitate the goals at …(link)

The club was present, putting on mini sessions, based around the activities that are done in the Juniors and Teens groups’ sessions; in this case :

· 40m sprint

· Standing long jump

· Shot put (550g or 2kg)

A fun competition was run using a methodology and scoring based on the well-established Quad Kids system.

About 30 children participated in the event, mostly of primary school age, with a dozen registering an interest in joining the Club’s groups. Some of the participants are already Club members and showed the benefits of training with the club: Gabriel Lawrence, Aria Stavrakakis, Matteo Volgo and Lucas Lawrence, in particular Aria's jump, Gabriel's put, and Lucas's and Matteo's consistency across the three events.

After a slightly quite first hour, we were kept constantly busy running the sessions until after 3pm. Much thanks goes to the helpers on the day, in particular, Axelle, Fritha and Lara.

The points results are in my previous blog, so here are the actual measurement results for our club members, along with some other noteworthy results:

Aria Stavrakakis : sprint 7.4s jump 1.8m throw 3.6m

Gabriel Lawrence : sprint 8.2s jump 1.3m throw 4.5m

Lucas Lawrence : sprint 7.2s jump 1.8m throw 5.5m

Matteo Volgo : sprint 7.1s jump 1.8m throw 5.3m

Ollie Saunders' 6.6s sprint and Hunter Conway's (local rugby club) 6.3s

Harry Poulton (also local rugby club) throwing a huge 7.8m!

Isla Mills' 1.8m jump, tying with Aria's.

The Rotary Club intend on making this an annual event, so we will be back next year, once we've recovered from this's!

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