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Cirencester AC at Activius Day

Come and see us on Saturday, from 11am, at Kingshill School, for the Cirencester Rotary Club's Activius Day. The event is to support the Rotary Club's Bursary Scheme that offers financial assistance to children and young persons, under 18 years, who could not otherwise afford membership fees and/or equipment. Cirencester AC encourages children to participate in sport, and follows England Athletics Athlete Development Pathway for children that builds the physical, mental and social foundations to participate in any sport.

We'll be running 20 minute sessions for children to participate in, to enable them to run faster, jump and throw further, based on what we usually do in our Juniors' and Teens' sessions. The two groups meet at Kingshill School on Wednesday evenings at 6pm and 6:30pm, respectively.

See you on Saturday .

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