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Chris Illman scores a hat trick but Bill Leggate is on his tail.

CRO Running Week 3 5 miles and 2 km 12 April 2020

Chris Illman made it a hat trick, coming first again in this week’s CRO run. Chris stormed round his 5 mile loop with an average speed of 5:41 minute miling to finish in 28.27. As last week, Bill Leggate (8.34) was only seconds behind and Aaron Willis(29.55) was 3rd. However, once age was taken into account a new name (to CRO running) emerged victorious – but no-one who knows her will be surprised to see Kate Sackett (37.27) at the top of the list – pushing Liza Darroch (46.03), Bill and Ruth Fulford (48.47) down to 2nd , 3rd and 4th places. Ian Barrett (30.05) was in good form earning a 4th and 5th place and Sophie Chudley (33.35) continued to hold her own down under with a 5th and 6th. As in the two previous weeks over half of us scored over 70% in the age grading and no- one, not even our patient collector of results, Martin Croucher (41.53) who religiously sticks to his own long distance training plan, scored less than 50%.

The 2km option attracted three entries with Millie Chudley (8.28) and Izzie Chudley (9.56) setting the standards, (probably from the Sydney Harbour bridge or somewhere equally scenic) and Tony Kite (14.24) having a go for the first time.

Next week’s distances are 10 km and/or 1 mile. 10K is probably the most popular racing distance in “normal” times and we look forward to welcoming new names to the CRO running list and hope the many injuries and high pollen of this week improve. As last week your 10 k route should start and finish at the same place but the Mile can be a straight line and your times should be emailed to by 3pm Sunday 19th.

The following week will be back to the parkrun 5k distance and Martin is threatening to use our last 5k times to calculate a handicapped system so prepare to see Chris, Bill and Liza disappear off the board!

Week Ending April 12th, Cirencester Runs On (CRO), 5 miles any surface


1 Chris Illman 28.27

2 Bill Leggate 28.34

3 Aaron Willis 29.55

4 Ian Barrett 30.54

5 Sophie Chudley 33.35

6 Brian Harris 34.28

7 Tim Ingham 36.42

8 Kate Sackett 37.27

9 Alex Chudley 37.56

10 Dorian Matts 38.10

11 Rachel Ranger 40.09

12 Martin Croucher 41.53

13 Rachel Barrow 45.32

14 Liza Darroch 46.03

15 Ruth Fulford 48.47

16 Karen Higuera 52.59

17 Louise Abbott 55.27


1 Kate Sackett 84.17%

2 Liza Darroch 83.43%

3 Bill Leggate 79.24%

4 Ruth Fulford 78.76%

5 Ian Barrett 76.16%

6 Sophie Chudley 75.53%

7 Chris Illman 74.34%

8 Brian Harris 74.15%

9 Aaron Willis 73.43%

10 Dorian Matts 68.14%

11 Rachel Ranger 66.57%

12 Tim Ingham 63.13%

13 Alex Chudley 63.04%

14 Rachel Barrow 61.02%

15 Louise Abbott 58.60%

16 Karen Higuera 55.36%

17 Martin Croucher 54.89%

Cirencester Runs On (CRO), 2km any surface

1 Millie Chudley 8.28 or 70.98%

2 Izzie Chudley 9.56 or 63.80%

3 Tony Kite 14.24 or 49.85%

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