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CRO (Cirencester Runs On) continues – this week the distance is 5km so if you fancy a timed run, on or off road, parkrun distance just get out there, run and record your time. Then all you have to do is email with the details. Your route, your time and (sadly) your own company – unless you want to organise a small group. We plan to keep CRO going until races start again – at least until September - so plans for the next few weeks are:

Week beginning: June 29th 5 kms

July 6th 1 mile

July 13th 5 kms

July 20th 10 kms

Join us if you can.

Finally re the celebration of the club’s 35th Anniversary – Martin and I have decided not to completely close the door for contributions until July 26th.

So if you want to get your name in the club’s history, have only just recovered from injury, only just realised that you don’t need to run, (creating “art” work, doing other exercise or even eating treats – are all fine) or been inspired by the amazing and fun things fellow members have come up with - IT'S NOT TOO LATE.

Have a look at the previous newsfeed for ideas then just do something that generates the number 35 and tell Martin (on all about it including a photo (ideally in a club vest) to add to the Club archive.

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