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Ian sent out the following e-mail on 19th June 2020 to all club members on the EA database. It has become apparent that some members did not receive the e-mail. Ian is investigating this matter with EA, in the meantime here is the information you may wish to read!

Dear club member

As you are aware, the club Membership Renewals for this year were put back due to Coronavirous. 

As a club we have followed the time lines as laid out by England Athletics for affiliation fees to be paid. 

These fees usually become due on the 1st April, with a deadline of 30th June for payment. This year the deadline for affiliation fees are 31st August, and as stated earlier, we as a club follow suite re club membership fees. 

In unprecedented times, it has been difficult for most people to come to terms with the challenges we have been faced with.

The club committee have spoken about what we should do with membership fees for 2020, and the following decision has been made.


That's right, nothing to pay re club membership, but for those of you who are affiliated and still wish to maintain that status, you only have to pay your £15.00 affiliation to EA.

EA have decided to keep the affiliation fee at £15.00, rather than put it up to the planned £16.00.

So with that in mind, I will be sending all current affiliated members, their £15.00 affiliation invoice, when paid goes directly to EA.

If any member who is currently unaffiliated but wish to become affiliated, please email me, and I will generate an invoice for you. 

Wait! even more good news, and we can certainly do with more of that!

The club has now designed and received delivery of a New Club Vest. 

Many members were unhappy with the current vest we have, and some 14 months ago the club started looking at sourcing a new vest, which would be a better quality, and a more favourable design. 

Caroline Buck has worked incredibly hard in collating feedback from some club members, and negotiated a deal with a new supplier. 

The club has also decided that any current club member who currently holds a club vest, that's the latest design vest that we have been supplying in recent years ( not the old one of 20 something years ago!) THOSE CLUB MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE A NEW VEST FREE OF CHARGE, but we will need your old vest to be returned in exchange. 

We will donate your old vest to a charity abroad. 

As a club, we would make it a rule that when members compete in races, representing our club, we all run in the same design vest. That has always been an unwritten rule, but we would now like that to happen. 

So, free club membership to all Juniors and Seniors, and a free vest to all members who qualify as aforementioned. 

In summary -


Affiliation fee to be paid by 31st August 

( please wait for the invoice from me) 

NEW VEST to all applicable. 

I know that we received a very small number of vest to sample, but our supplier is geared up ready to produce more as soon as we can give them an order. 

So, can I ask you to email me on this club membership email address, and let me know what size vest you require.

After you receive your new vest, you will need to hand over your old one at the same time. We would aim to get new vest available by the end of August or early September. 

SO EMAIL YOUR SIZES TO ME BY 31st July please. 

We as a committee are hopeful all members are happy with the decisions made. 

Best regards


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