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"Back on Track"

Some of Teens and one adult Club member participated in the early track meeting on Sunday (14th April) at Swindon, “Mark Cawte Memorial Open Games”.

With the dry weather, there were good performances from all our participants:

  • Archie Hatt

  • Ben Conway

  • Daisy Van Wyk

  • George Whelan

  • James Widdowson

  • Mimi Van Wyk


Archie (U17) followed up his fast runs last year with a sub-19s run for first place in his race. There were not many faster runs on the day, but he was just outside the club record he set in the wet and windy conditions last year.


The Van Wyk sisters both ran, with Daisy (U17) going sub-47s and Mimi (U15) slightly disappointed with her sub-49s, but that will make her train harder! Daisy was a bit down on her Club record, but it’s early in the season.


Now-second-claimer, but running as a Ciren AC athlete, Ben (U15), ran a sub 6 minute mile. Veteran Club runner James ran in the same race as Ben and gained a PB, demonstrating that the track is faster than the Bourton roads!

Long Jump

Off the track, George (U20), in his first track and field meeting, jumped over four and three quarter metres for an inaugural Club Long Jump record.



Archie Hatt 18.79


Daisy Van Wyk 46.77

Mimi Van Wyk 48.64


Ben Conway 5:55.88

James Widdowson 6:18.85

Long Jump

George Whelan 4.76m

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