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Another post Covid mile stone

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Please remember if you want your results to feature in this report and on the club result listings you MUST email:

10th July, Bourton One Mile, 1 mile, Road

It was very exciting to see that nine club members competed in Saturday’s One Mile race at Bourton – another step to something approaching racing normal although with waves of 5 starting every two or three seconds it won’t have felt quite normal to those taking part. Having so few to measure your pace against changes the feel but is probably good for all of us – forcing us to focus more on our own judgment of pace which is, for us road and trail runners, particularly difficult for One Mile.

Keith Firkin(6.15) led the club over the line with Gordon Jones(6.28), Rob Tuttle (6.35) Kate Sackett (6.38) and Dorian Matts (6.45) not so far behind. Next came Rachel Barrow – the “baby” of this team in 7.20 - to be followed by Barbara Thomas (8.30), Ruth Fulford (8.34) and Paul Barrow (10.08).

Gordon Jones (MV70), Kate Sackett (FV60) and Ruth Fulford (FV70) all won their age categories.

It was great to see Gordon back and running so well given the extent of his accident related injuries – welcome back Gordon although sorry to hear you were beaten by your son AND that said son is not (yet) a member of the club. We do have a time for another “wayward” son, Isaac McAdam (who currently runs at Loughborough University)

who was 5th with a fine time of 4m 38s.

10th July, Bourton-On-Water 1 Mile, 1 mile, Road

1 Ben Robinson (Gloucester AC) 4.16

61 Keith Firkin (Cirencester AC) 6.15

68 Gordon Jones 6.28 – 1st MV70

73 Rob Tuttle 6.35

75 Kate Sackett 6.38 – 1st FV60

85 Dorian Matts 6.45

92 Rachel Barrow 7.20

101 Barbara Thomas 8.30 – 2nd FV65

102 Ruth Fulford 8.34 – 1st FV70

106 Paul Barrow 10.08 108 finished

3rd July, Cotswold Way Relay

The official results for the Cotswold Way Relay are now available and Martin has kindly extracted the keys ones for us – see the Results section on this Web site. Particular congratulations to Ollie Pritchard and James Thomas who both won their legs but also to everyone who took part.

Mixed Category

1 Racing Hares 12.59.23

3 Corinium Hares 15.03.16

18 Boxing Hares 16.45.33 50 teams finished

11th July, Leamington Spa Half Marathon, 13.1 miles, Road

Rupert Chesmore and Liza Darroch found a Half Marathon somewhat nearer home than last month’s race in Shetland and were pleased to knock over three minutes off that time despite a very lumpy course giving double the elevation and a hot and humid morning. Given a field of over 1,500 it was a bit shocking to discover that Liza was the only lady over 70 and , therefore, first in her age category.

1 Elisha De Mello (Rugby & Northampton AC) 1.08.32

1088 Rupert Chesmore (Cirencester AC) 2.10.32

1089 Liza Darroch 2.10.32 – 1st FV70 1566 finished

11th July, Cotswold Classic 113, bike 56 miles, run 13.1 miles

Kate Sackett – our Triathlon Rep – tells the story.

Please let her know if you are involved in any triathlons.

It was the usual early start for the Cotswold 113 triathlon at lake 32 and the weather looked promising – light wind and possibly light rain. Unfortunately the wind was too light to blow away the mist shrouding the buoys. The nearest buoy loomed tantalisingly but fleetingly into view intermittently while the anxious athletes thronged and waited.

The swim was eventually cancelled as the mist had not cleared by 7.30am which was the time limit for starting because of the traffic accumulating. The race was well organised considering, though social distancing was possibly compromised.

Waves were abandoned as we queued for the start and adrenaline had dissipated.

Sadly, there were a couple of serious accidents which necessitated ambulances and some slowing down. Kate was pleased with her race as swimming is her worst discipline, although had been hoping to demonstrate a marginal improvement. She managed a pb on the bike matching Andy Kilby’s time and outran him although not her best run. (Andy was wearing his Dursley colours but was 3rd in his new age cat 65 -70)

1 Alexander Jones (unattached) 3.25.06 (2.08.13, 1.15.50)

442 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 4.55.38 (3.00.57, 1.52.41) – 2nd FV60

560 Jonathon Rixon 5.15.07 (2.53.14, 2.18.02) 796 finished

Please remember if you want your results to feature in this report and on the club result listings you MUST email:

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