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A battle at the back?

Keen readers of CRO results might have noticed a very friendly but none the less quality competition going on between Ruth Fulford and one Liza Darroch. This week saw Ruth take a resounding lead with a super 27.32 5km earning her top place with a fine 84.54% in the age grading and an equally impressive 110.17% in the handicapped list. Next week may well see these two FV70+ go in different directions as they join the Club’s 35th Anniversary Celebrations, but with Ruth improving week on week – watch this space into the future. The other two notable performances of the week were also at the back of the field with Paul Barrow (resoundingly) and Louise Abbott (just) knocking those seconds off their 5 k times.

There was another reversal – and return to the norm - at the top of the table too with Ian Barrett pushing himself back to the number one spot and Brian Harris back to number two. But Brian can take heart that his greater years keep him above Ian in the age grading again this week. They were followed by two equally familiar names - Dorian Matts and Kate Sackett who were followed in turn by the more recently returned Rupert Chesmore and James Widdowson. Andy Kilby and Rachel Barrow also went well but, in common with most of us, the handicapped list tells us that they didn’t quite run their fastest 5km this week.

What next?

Plan for the next few weeks are as follows and please remember all you have to do is run the distance and email the time it took you to – Martin will do the rest.

Week beginning: June 22nd 35 Anniversary celebration – see below

June 29th 5 kms

July 6th 1 mile

July 13th 5 kms

July 20th 10 kms.

You should have had an email about the 35th celebration asking us all to do something – anything - that generates the number 35. This is not just for the CRO faithful . Have you spread the word yet? If not – please do – you can refer people to this report if you like.

For the 35 celebration - anything goes – run or swim 3.5 kms, cycle 35 miles, do 35 hill efforts or 35 crunchies, eat 35 strawberries or paint 35 planks in your garden fence! Ellen Leggatte (Bill’s sister in law and one of the most talented runners the club has ever had) has already come up with her 35 by identifying and running with her daughter between spots in her garden which are 35’ above sea level. This option won’t be open to we Cotswold folk – (Ellen lives outside Cambridge) but it is a great challenge to us all to think laterally.

Linking your “35 activity” to what you have been doing during lockdown and taking a photo (ideally wearing club kit) will help us compile a great file for the archive – “How we kept going during the Covid 19 pandemic AND how we celebrated the Club’s 35th Anniversary”. If you have any questions about how it or CRO works please email the usual - Our aim is to have at least 35 people joining in.

Week Ending June 21st, Cirencester Runs On (CRO), 5k any surface


1 Ian Barrett 19.33

2 Brian Harris 20.45

3 Dorian Matts 22.27

4 Kate Sackett 23.03

5 Rupert Chesmore 24.10

6 James Widdowson 24.26

7 Andy Kilby 25.28

8 Rachel Barrow 26.07

9 Ruth Fulford 27.32

10 Liza Darroch 27.40

11 Louise Abbott 31.06

12 Paul Barrow 31.19


1 Ruth Fulford 84.54%

2 Liza Darroch 84.13%

3 Kate Sackett 83.22%

4 Brian Harris 74.38%

5 Ian Barrett 73.27%

6 Dorian Matts 70.57%

7 Rupert Chesmore 66.14%

8 Rachel Barrow 65.75%

9 Louise Abbott 64.52%

10 Andy Kilby 63.32%

11 James Widdowson 57.26%

12 Paul Barrow 56.59%


To work out the handicap score, your first 5k run has been used. Your original time divided by your new time has produced a percentage. Any percentage higher than 100, means you have run quicker this week. For people whom this run is their first 5k performance, I have simply given them 100.

1 Ruth Fulford 110.17

2 Paul Barrow 105.60

3 Louise Abbott 100.33

4 Rachel Barrow 99.75

5 Brian Harris 99.36

6 Liza Darroch 98.86

7 Dorian Matts 98.45

8 Rupert Chesmore 97.87

9 Kate Sackett 97.47

10 Andy Kilby 97.06

11 Ian Barrett 92.16

12 James Widdowson 85.95

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