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Miles and miles

Lots of CAC action from the last few weeks to report on here so enjoy!

Fellsman, Yorkshire Dales, 60 miles / 11,000ft fell 

1 Kim Collison (Borrowdale Fell Runners) 11hr 08m230 Andy Hindson (Cirencester AC) 22hr 36m 254 finished

Andy reports that......On Saturday 27th April I started my 8th Fellsman, it felt like it had to be done as it was the 60th Anniversary of the event coinciding with me hitting 60 plus it's 60+ miles!!

The Fellsman is an iconic endurance event that crosses a 61-mile arc of remote and rugged Yorkshire Dales fells from Ingleton to Threshfield.  It’s a very challenging route climbing over 11,000 feet which is serviced by 25 hilltop and roadside checkpoints.

We got really lucky with the weather given the wet outlook at the start of the week as we had sunshine and blue skies and zero rain the whole way round. It suddenly became very misty reducing visibility and making route finding more challenging as we donned head torches at Dodd (33 miles). The new checkpoint on Chapel Moor proved to be elusive and wasted about 30 mins which was frustrating.

We finished in 22 hours and 36 mins the winner was Kim Collison in a new record time (for the new course) of 11h 8m which comes 10 years after he came joint first with Adam Perry on the old course.

Milton Keynes Marathon which is a London & Boston qualifier event saw Brian Harris, Jake Miles and Mike Hobbs competing. Having done 2 weeks of only very light training after running London in 3:25, Brian set off at a very optimistic pace, going through halfway in just over 1:35, but shortly after, as the weather warmed up, his HR told him that wasn't sustainable, so he took a brief stop at mile 15 and resumed at a significantly slower pace. He was relieved to finish in 03:22:43 knocking a few minutes off his London time, which was his target alongside fundraising for BRACE, which went better than his running (thanks due to club members who contributed). After some R&R he will be focussing next on the Cotswold Way relay and then his first ultra. Jake finished in 02:54:50 and Mike in 03:13:19 so a really great effort from all three men!

Tash Pauck, Annie and Luke Campbell all took part in the Stanley Stomp 5km last Tuesday 7th. A fast and flat no frills 5km (or two lap 10km) on road or hard-packed gravel. Luke finished in 19:02, Tash in 21:27 and Annie in 22:57. This race is part of a series with 3 further races left to go, so they will all be returning to chase down an even faster this space!

An ever-popular choice amongst CAC members is the Bourton Mile Road Race. This year we had six members competing with some impressive times, all finishing within a minute of one another!

Ian Barrett 05:16 (3rd in his age group)

Dave Moss 05:39

Jo Musk 05:52 (3rd in her age group)

Brian Harris 06:02

Wendy Nichols 06:04 (3rd in her age group)

Charlotte Wilton 06:17

Here are Ian's thoughts on the race......

Before the start:

This should be fun.

3,2,1, Go:

Yeah, this is ok

Bit fast, but alright

Everyone else is running very fast

I can keep this going

1/4 mile (1:20)

Only 1/4 mile!

Thought we were halfway

This is too fast

Is that a hill?

How is he sprinting past me?

How is she sprinting past me?

1/2 mile (2:40)

Now we're halfway

The dreaded 3rd lap

Must concentrate

Is that the car park

Did I lock the car?

Was I supposed to pay for parking?


3/4 mile (4:00)

Last bit

Why can't I see the finish yet?

Why is he sprinting already?

Should I be sprinting already?

Seriously, where is the finish?

Someone shouted

Or is that in my head?

There's the finish

Can I stop now

1 mile (5:21)

That was horrible

Well maybe not horrible

Bit slow but alright

Yeah, that was ok

Quite fun actually.

Parkruns from the last few weeks as follows:

The McAdams were at Milton Country parkrun, strong representation at Cirencester included Heath Forbes, Paul Timms, Gordon Jones, Rob Tuttle, Dorian Matts, Rob Forbes, Sophie Humphries, Brendan McCarthy, Oliver Wigley, Kirtsy Leggate and Sam Timms. Martin Croucher was at Tetbury Goods Shed.

On May 4th James Hunton was at Chippenham, Kirsty Leggate at Harlow, Martin Croucher was in Stratford-Upon-Avon, and Heath Forbes, Paul Timms, Gordon Jones, Brendan McCarthy and Sam Timms were in Cirencester.

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