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Making a squelch.....

This week saw both Nicola's - Wood and Denning - racing the Chippenham Spring 10mile race. Nicola Denning came home first for the club in 1:17 and Nicola Wood finished in 1:25 to score PB's at not only 10k but also 15k and 10 miles! What a great performance!

Kate Sackett ventured further afield taking CAC international to run Tokyo marathon and sped round almost as fast as a bullet train to smash her sub 4 hour target to come home in 3:53:28. She reports a chilly start, but the weather warmed up with some bright sunshine, causing sunburn for the unprepared. The race was organised as you would expect with Japanese rigour with some strict rules of what could be carried which she adapted to, clearly very well! This was Kate's third marathon major.

There were only 5 CAC members brave enough to take on Cirencester Parkrun this weekend which was from a first-hand report - a very muddy, slippery and rain-drenched course! An added bonus was the shower from vehicles on the Tetbury road spraying the course with yet more water, almost like running in a river! The first lap in particular was busy with lots of runners and mud splattering due to the boggy conditions. Ian came in 5th with an impressive time of 21:41 followed by Brendan, Rachel R, Jos and Pam. Gordon continued his recovery with an impressive age grade result of 70% at Lydiard, Ollie Campbell came in 3rd in Coventry, Tom Morgan was running in Cheltenham and Jo Roberts was at Greenpoint and Kate Jacobs was at Tetbury Goods Shed, both coming top of their age grading categories. Dave Moss and Sam Timms were also running at Tetbury. Corinne was running at Seven Fields in Swindon and scored a new course PB to finish first lady and 7th overall.

Last week Bill Leggate refrained from reminding me that he actually set a new MV45 record for 10k at Bourton. So well done Bill and sorry to miss that one last week!

Dave Musgrove also slipped under the radar last week, he ran the Terminator in the Pewsey Vale coming in 32nd in 1:43 which for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of this race should know, is 12 miles of mud hills, hills and more very steep hills! Nice one Dave, but the real question is, will you "be back" next year?!

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