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At the recent AGM concern was expressed over the current IProSports club vests in terms of design, fit and fabric quality. A very decisive vote established that the AGM attendees wished to revert to the former vest design.  Since then a lot of behind the scenes work has been undertaken and at the committee meeting on 5th June 2019, it was agreed to revert to our former vest supplier, Wasp Sports.  Caroline Buck very kindly offered to liaise with Wasp Sports and the attached is the potential new design.  Vest samples for size and fabric quality will be available to view at the BBQ on Tuesday evening and possibly at training sessions for a few weeks after that.  Consideration is also being given to obtaining our other items of kit locally and further details will be available soon.

I stress this is the potential new design - nothing is set in stone yet although feedback to date from the AGM attendees has been very positive. We are very mindful that many members have purchased the IProSports vest in good faith and will feel annoyed that we are changing, but we will address that matter in due course. Please do bear with us. We are a very small committee doing our absolute best for you all. Should anyone wish to see the minutes of the AGM or comment on this potential new design please contact


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