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Triumphant Chedworth Trail Race

Chedworth Roman Trail, 10 miles trail

Sophie Chudley finished a super first lady in our own Chedworth 10 mile trail race to be followed in by Wendy Nicholls and Corrine Clark who to made up a winning ladies team.

Thanks to Sarah Whitehouse for the photos

In a finely run race, consolidating his recently awarded status as “Newcomer of the Year, Aaron Willis led the men, with Simon Campbell, Mark Sysum and Ross Swain not far behind.

But the competition from a Worcester team for the men’s team prize was too strong. It is surely a sign of a thriving club to be able to field over 20 runners, win a team prize, marshal every twist and turn AND serve around 500 hot drinks and another 500 pieces of cake. The results below tell of many strong runs up and down the list and of a great event masterminded by our hard working and super organised captains Liz and James Thomas..

1 Steve Milward (Gloucester AC) 1.02.28

11 Aaron Willis (Cirencester AC) 1.10.35

14 Simon Campbell 1.11.38

26 Mark Sysum 1.14.28

29 Ross Swain 1.14.49

33 Sophie Chudley 1.15.32 – 1st lady / FV40

41 Leo Crawford 1.17.09

42 Wendy Nicholls 1.17.11 – 2nd lady

44 Alex Chudley 1.17.33

45 Corinne Clark 1.17.36 – 4th lady

47 Howard Ewan 1.17.41

53 Lee Lawrence 1.19.12

78 Colin Tapley 1.23.11

96 Nathan Barrowclough 1.25.25

131 Neil Corbiere 1.29.17

194 Alan Tompson 1.35.38

209 Chris Prevett 1.37.03

238 Elisabeth Butler 1.39.20

245 Dorian Matts 1.40.13

274 Brendan McCarthy 1.42.52

290 James Widdowson 1.45.52

359 Peter Rowland 1.52.14

418 Clare Tapley 2.00.16 463 finished.

Marathon des Sables, Morocco

Chris illman competing in the Marathon Des Sables across the sands of the Sahara

Chris Illman completed all five stages of the Marathon Des Sables in a total of thirty hours and 14 minutes to finish 92nd out of the 753 who finished this gruelling event. For the first three days Chris ran at least 32 km per day across the sands and in the punishing heat of the Sahara. Chris, who currently holds all our U20 and a good many of our Senior Club records coped with very different fortunes including a particularly tough second day where he become dehydrated and had to seek medical assistance. For the 4th stage the mind breaking conditions continued as the challenge doubled to 76km forcing Chris to keep going for nearly twelve hours and we can only imagine how grateful he must have been for a day’s rest before running the final stage – a full marathon – which he completed in 4.22 ( the winner took 3.07.53).

We understand that Chris, who has not traditionally been an ultra runner, intends to return to more conventional running and racing after recovering from this epic challenge.

Overall 1 Rachid El Morabity (Morocco) 3.07.53 (1st overall, 220km in 18hr 31m 24s)

92 Chris Illman(Cirencester AC) 220km in 30hr 14m 57s 753 finished

12/4 Stage 5/5, 42.2km sand 35 Chris Illman 4.22.47 753 finished

11/4 Stage 4/5, 76.3km sand 103 Chris Illman 11.42.31 756 finished.

9/4 Stage 3/5, 37.1km sand 34 Chris Illman 4.11.13 767 finished.

8/4 Stage 2/5, 32.5km sand 408 Chris Illman 6.20.28 772 finished

7/4 Stage 1/5, 32.3km sand 92 Chris Illman 3.37.58 790 finished.

Not content with the MDS challenge, Chris was back running a charity event on the sand the following day to complete 6.1km in 1.14.

Marathon des Sables, Morocco, Solidarité Charity Stage, 6.1km sand

1= Rachid El Morabity & 3 others (all Morocco) 27.35

174 Chris Illman (Cirencester AC) 1.14.08 753 finished

Newbury Duathlon, 5km run, 25km bike, 5km run

Andy Fellows sandwiched a 25km bike race between two 5km road runs to complete the Newbury Duathlon in just over 90 minutes.

1 Joe Bowness (Outric) (16.16; 43.05; 16.39) 1.16.59

46 Andy Fellows (Cirencester AC) (19.26; 49.11; 21.51) 1.31.46 157 finished.

parkruns, 5km trail

With our Chedworth race the following day and the Campbells and McAdams away (running) in Lanzarote, the parkrun scene was quiet this week. Simon Campbell was 16th at Cirencester where Rachel Barrow produced yet another PB and Denise Ewbank ran her first. Liza Darroch managed a (post ultra race) PB at Gloucester City.

Cirencester AC finishers:

Cirencester: 16 Simon Campbell 22.07, 54 Rachel Ranger 24.27, 89 Pam Wheeler 26.55, 94 Rob Jones 27.01, 100 Rachel Barrow 27.08, 147 Denise Ewbank 30.13,

151 Ruth Fulford 30.32, 230 finished

Swindon: 205 Barbara Thomas 27.24, 298 Chris Prevett 30.05, 551 finished

Gloucester City: 81 Liza Darroch 28.11, 214 finished

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