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Pace Making Success and Assorted parkruns

Firstly - thank you to Rachel Barrow for writing the following - we can all look forward to her being in full flow and control when she takes over properly at the end of the month.

This weekend saw Brian Harris pounding the streets of the capital where he took on the London Landmarks Half Marathon. The run was a useful, easy pace marathon training run for Brian but made all the more enjoyable by running with his daughter Jo. Brian was multi tasking, in charge of pace making and dishing out fluids and all important sweeties and was thrilled to help Jo achieve a huge half marathon PB. Crossing the line at just outside the 2 hour mark, Jo is bound to be asking dad to assist her with the obvious next target.

1st August, London Landmarks Half Marathon, 13.1 miles, road

1 Nick Harris-Fry (Unattached) 1.11.54

4748 Brian Harris (Cirencester AC) 2.00.57 10942 finished

Cirencester runners appeared at assorted local parkruns and some further afield.

The club was really well represented at Cirencester amongst the runners and volunteers. Some used the event as part of a longer weekend run and others were running with younger family members. James Thomas, fresh from a holiday in the Welsh hills, cruised to victory. The long grass on the course was no problem for the cross country specialist. Solid runs from David Moss, Paul Timms, Neil Broadley and Rachel Ranger produced times which were all the more impressive as the slightly changed route at Cirencester is running a little long at around 3.3 miles.

Kate Sackett put in a fine performance at Stonehouse to come in as first female in 21:50.

The Mcadams were to be found at their favourite local event in Tetbury. It’s no coincidence that Alan favours a parkrun with cakes on sale at the finish line. Peter Rowland also chose Tetbury for his Saturday run. All three followed Nea Sneddon-Jenkins who was 2nd lady home in an impressive 22:24.

Ross Swain went Cheltenham and finished an excellent 29th in a much larger field of over 500 runners. Charles and Amanda Woodd were many miles north at the Tyne Green event where Charles finished 2nd in 17:46.

31st July, parkrun, 5k, trail

Stonehouse parkrun

1 Joshua Playle (Unattached) 18.46

16 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 21.50 – 1st Female 85 finished

Cheltenham parkrun

1 Ben Price (Unattached) 15.57

29 Ross Swain (Cirencester AC) 20.42 517 finished

Cirencester parkrun

1 James Thomas (Cirencester AC) 18.40

22 David Moss 24.25

27 Paul Timms 25.06

29 Neil Broadley 25.14

35 Rachel Ranger 25.29

74 Brendan Mccarthy 29.06

86 Richard Edwards 30.11

89 Rachel Barrow 30.15

98 Ruth Fulford 31.27

122 Simon Campbell 33.49

175 Paul Barrow 40.50

182 Jenny Brewin 42.01

197 Rob Brown 45.46 205 finished

Tyne Green parkrun

1 Max Pearson (Unattached) 16.16

2 Charles Woodd (Cirencester AC) 17.46

136 Amanda Woodd 31.31 194 finished

Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun

1 Martin Foster (Unattached) 17.49

10 Nea Sneddon-Jenkins(Cirencester AC) 22.24 – 2nd Female

23 Alan Mcadam 24.28

31 Rachel Mcadam 25.50

35 Peter Rowland 26.25 77 finished

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