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Do you want to carry on CRO-ing?

This week it’s Ruth Fulford showing us all the way scoring a cool 104.25% in the handicap system have taken seconds short of two minutes off her previous 5 mile time. She attributes this to the speed work she did the previous week when doing the Ross Barkley Challenge so, yet again, CRO running is bringing benefits.

This raises a question for us all –given that we can now run with up to 6 others from other households albeit with 2 metres separation between each runner – do people want to carry on with CRO running? Speaking personally I see it as a combination of replacing the efforts I would normally hope to do at a Tuesday evening training session and forcing me to make the sustained effort involved in running a race. Neither Tuesday evenings nor any races , let alone parkruns, are going to re-start any time soon so Martin and I are happy to continue making CRO happen.

But is that what you want? Please could you feed back – either to me. (via Whatsapp or or via .) Also if you have any thoughts as to what else we could add or do differently please say so – for example would people be interested in trying to run a total mileage for a week?

Back to this week – topped as ever by Ian Barrett with a gun time of 31.23 and Kate Sackett next. Others running well were Gordon Jones, and a still improving Louise Abbott. It seems several of us including Brian Harris, Rupert Chesmore, Rachel Barrow, Rachel Ranger and Liza Darroch opted to “take it a bit easier” this week for a variety of reasons and 4 days after running 32 miles seemed good enough for me!

Next week is an “official” rest week and the week after we are back to 1 mile. Whether we make that our last or we continue CRO-ing is up to you all.

1st June an opportunity to go off road or have a go at any distance over 10 k you fancy maybe doing 26.2 miles (but only if you feel suitably prepared) otherwise a CRO rest. If you do run and want the time recorded – just email distance and time in as usual.

8th June 1 mile

15th June ?????

Week Ending May 31st, Cirencester Runs On (CRO), 5 mile any surface


1 Ian Barrett 31.23

2 Kate Sackett 36.40

3 Brian Harris 38.20

4 Gordon Jones 38.47

5 Andy Kilby 41.30

6 Rupert Chesmore 41.41

7 Martin Croucher 43.23

8 Rachel Barrow 45.03

9 Ruth Fulford 45.55

10 Liza Darroch 46.52

11 Rachel Ranger 51.07

12 Louise Abbott 52.49


1 Kate Sackett 85.97%

2 Ruth Fulford 83.67%

3 Liza Darroch 81.98%

4 Ian Barrett 75.59%

5 Gordon Jones 73.69%

6 Brian Harris 66.67%

7 Andy Kilby 64.35%

8 Rupert Chesmore 63.50%

9 Rachel Barrow 62.49%

10 Louise Abbott 61.53%

11 Martin Croucher 52.99%

12 Rachel Ranger 52.29%

Source for age grading :


To work out the handicap score, your original 5mile run during the week ending the 3rd May has been used. Your original time divided by your new time has produced a percentage. Any percentage higher than 100, means you have run quicker this week. For people whom this run is their first 5 mile performance, I have simply given them 100.

1 Ruth Fulford 104.25

2 Gordon Jones 102.15

3 Louise Abbott 101.46

4 Ian Barrett 101.28

5 Kate Sackett 100.87

6 Liza Darroch 99.58

7 Andy Kilby 98.64

8 Martin Croucher 98.43

9 Rupert Chesmore 97.85

10 Rachel Barrow 94.90

11 Brian Harris 87.70

12 Rachel Ranger 74.44

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