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Catch up with the Club Championships


We have only three races left in this year’s Club Championships. The tables below tell you the current standings so if you want to climb up the table you need to enter one, or ideally all of the following:

7th September Witney 10 miler

6th October Cricklade 10k

27th October Stroud Half Marathon

You can also score points for any marathon run before the Stroud Half.

For the Club Road Champs – the first club member home scores 20 points, next in 19 and so on – with the best six events scoring.

For the Club Runners Champs it is a bit more complicated because it recognizes improvement.

So .... 5 points for each race completed and bonus points on offer for improving on best time from past 2 years (we are reliant on David Wright for keeping this info) - 1 point for up to 15s, 2 points for up to 30s etc up to a maximum of 8 bonus points (ie 2 min improvement) for distances to 10k and up to 12 points (ie 3 minutes) for distances over 10k.

Bill Leggate kindly looks after all the scores so any concerns need to addressed to him plus our thanks for his and Dave Wright’s support to make it all happen.

Don’t delay – sign up today!!

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