Invitation to the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour in Cheltenham!
Hello, Banff is back! This is a quick email to invite you and your group to the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, bringing two nights of inspirational adventure to Cheltenham Town Hall on Tuesday 26 February and Wednesday 3 April. Each event features a brand-new collection of adrenaline-packed films, with the world’s top adventurers tackling extreme expeditions in the most stunning corners of the planet. Audiences will witness incredible wildernesses, life-changing journeys and spectacular cinematography – all via the big screen! We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary of touring the UK so a festival atmosphere is guaranteed, and there are free prize draws at each show too. A great social night out for your group. The events start at 7.30; doors and the bar open an hour before, and there are discounts for groups of six and more, or a two-night discount if you double the adventure and come to both. We would be extremely grateful if you could let your group know about the upcoming event (or pass on the information to other groups who you think might be interested). You can check out more details and watch the trailer on our website: It would be wonderful to see you there! Rosie Rosie Fuller Tour Coordinator  | Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour | Ocean Film Festival World Tour | Reel Rock Film Tour Tel:  01295 402199 |  Mobile:  07453 202321  |  Email:
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