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A CRO Mile

It was great to see that this week’s mile lured two more members back to CRO. Tom Renton Rose’s 6.15 brought him in 3rd behind Brian Harris who was first with 5.55 and Ian Barrett who was taking it a bit easy (for him) with 6.05 and James Widdowson (7.47) was back but recovering from injury. Fourth and pushing himself to new heights was Dorian Matts whose 6.17 earned him top place in the handicap list. Kate Sackett led the women with 5th and 6.39 but no surprise to see that this earned her first place in the age grading. Of the fifteen who “raced” against their watch with week, eight either maintained their time or improved hopefully rewarding all their training efforts.

Sunday also saw, as far as I am aware, our first member competing in a “real” race albeit a virtual one. As many will know Martin Croucher jets off to South Africa every year to run the 56+ miles of the Comrades Marathon – one of the world’s oldest and longest mass road races. He therefore leapt at the chance to run half the distance (45km) proudly wearing his race number after starting the day watching inspiring Youtube clips. With runners entering times after competing in a host of different time zones we are not able to give you his position yet only that he completed the distance (some 3 km further than a marathon) in 3 hours 57 minutes and now eagerly awaits a well earned tee shirt and medal. After a brief rest Martin then joined his mum who, equally proudly, completed the 5 km option. An amazing 43,788 people took part across the 5 distances (5km, 10km, 21.1km, 45km, 90km) and Martin was 539th out of the 4,984 who completed his 45km option.

What next?

Plan for the next few weeks are as follows and please remember all you have to do is run the distance and email the time it took you to – Martin will do the rest.

Week beginning: June 15th 5 kms

June 22nd 35 Anniversary celebration – see below

June 29th 5 kms

July 6th 1 mile

July 13th 5 kms

July 20th 10 kms.

You should have had an email about the 35th celebration asking us all to do something – anything - that generates the number 35. This is not just for the CRO faithful – please help spread the word about CRO but more importantly about the 35. Anything goes – run or swim 3.5 kms, cycle 35 miles, do 35 hill efforts or 35 crunchies, eat 35 strawberries or paint 35 planks in your garden fence! Linking it to what you have been doing during lockdown and taking a photo (ideally wearing club kit) will help us compile a great file for the archive – “How we kept going during the Covid 19 pandemic AND how we celebrated the club’s 35th anniversary”. If you have any questions about how it or CRO work please email the usual - Let’s see if we can get at least 35 people joining in.

Week Ending June 14th, Cirencester Runs On (CRO), 1 mile any surface


1 Brian Harris 5.55

2 Ian Barrett 6.05

3 Tom Renton-Rose 6.15

4 Dorian Matts 6.17

5 Kate Sackett 6.39

6 Rachel Ranger 7.01

7 Andy Kilby 7.17

8 Rachel Barrow 7.45

9 James Widdowson 7.47

10 Martin Croucher 7.58

11 Liza Darroch 8.19

12 Rupert Chesmore 8.19

13 Ruth Fulford 8.39

14 Paul Barrow 8.55

15 Louise Abbott 9.06


1 Kate Sackett 85.84%

2 Liza Darroch 83.18%

3 Ruth Fulford 79.97%

4 Brian Harris 76.62%

5 Dorian Matts 74.07%

6 Rachel Ranger 69.25%

7 Ian Barrett 69.17%

8 Rachel Barrow 65.97%

9 Andy Kilby 65.04%

10 Louise Abbott 65.60%

11 Tom Renton-Rose 59.41%

12 Paul Barrow 58.32%

13 Rupert Chesmore 56.45%

14 James Widdowson 52.80%

15 Martin Croucher 51.18%


To work out the handicap score, your original 1 mile run during the week ending the 3rd May has been used. Your original time divided by your new time has produced a percentage. Any percentage higher than 100, means you have run quicker this week. For people whom this run is their first 1 mile performance, I have simply given them 100.

1 Dorian Matts 105.58

2 Louise Abbott 104.95

3 Liza Darroch 101.81

4 Andy Kilby 101.61

5 Ruth Fulford 100.97

6 Martin Croucher 100.21

7= Rachel Ranger 100

7= Kate Sackett 100

9 Rachel Barrow 97.85

10 Tom Renton-Rose 97.34

11 Brian Harris 97.19

12 Paul Barrow 95.89

13 Ian Barrett 89.59

14 Rupert Chesmore 86.58

15 James Widdowson 80.95

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