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XC volunteers

With Gloucestershire cross country under new management, there is a new rotation system for all the big clubs in the county. This will mean clubs having to organise a race meet every couple of years rather than the same few clubs each year. We have been drawn out as one of the first clubs to organise a cross country fixture this year, but the good news is that it is in Cirencester park! So nice and close for everyone to attend.

We have set out a course which will require about 9 marshals, so we can get people swapping throughout the day so nobody has to be there for too long and it means people can still run the women's and men's races as well as helping out with a spot of marshalling.

Please put the date in your diary which is Saturday 30th October and please email/Whatsapp James or Liz Thomas if you would be able to help marshal :)

PS there will be cake.

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