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Who's CROing this week?

Paul Barrow tops the list for pure joy and excitement having run the 5 miles with a significant PB and others with something to CRO about include Karen Higuera whose handicap score of 140.0% suggests she is, at last, back and showing us what she is capable of when both fit and focused on the distance in hand. Gary Wood’s 113 .33 % also tell us he is back to form post marathon.

Ian Barrett ran the fastest 5 miles in 31.47 but this week Brian Harris (33.37) managed to push treadmill Jo (with 34.29) into 3rd place. Next, the battle between Tim Ingham and Kate Sackett continues – they were separated by 45 seconds for the last 5 mile event, 10 seconds for last week’s 5k and this week Kate (with 36.59) managed to get within 4 seconds of Tim’s 36.55. Watch out Tim! Dorian Matts was another 11 seconds behind with Karen Higuera chasing.

After Karen and Gary, the handicapped list again shines a light on the continued improvement of Rachel Barrow, Rachel Ranger and Louise Abbott. Ruth Fulford is also definitely going in the right direction. Finally with no Chudleys this week Brian Harris joins the more senior ladies at the top of the age graded list and great to see Rupert Chesmore is back running too.

Next week CRO runners have a choice of either 10km (as we should have been running the Berkley 10k next weekend) or 1 mile or you can, of course run both. As ever, anyone with any link to Cirencester is welcome to send their times for these distances in to before 3 pm Sunday 10th May. Just the time is enough, no need for downloads from Strava – if you choose to cheat - it is you who have to live with your conscience.

In case you missed it – future plans are as follows

Week beginning 4th May 10km and 1 mile (would have been the week of Berkley 10 km)

11th May 1 mile including a team event

18th May 5 km

25th May 5 miles and 2 km

Also please note if you want to take part in the 1 mile team event in the week beginning May 11th – please could you tell Martin when you send in the your results at the end of this week and/or if you were in a team last time but want to sit this one out please also tell Martin. He needs to create the teams and see if he can come up with as fine a balance as he did last time – new comers VERY welcome.

Week Ending May 3rd, Cirencester Runs On (CRO), 5 mile any surface


1 Ian Barrett 31.47

2 Brian Harris 33.37

3 Jo Musk 34.29

4 Tim Ingham 36.55

5 Kate Sackett 36.59

6 Dorian Matts 37.10

7 Karen Higuera 37.50

8 Rachel Ranger 38.03

9 Gary Wood 38.24

10 Gordon Jones 39.37

11 Rupert Chesmore 40.47

12 Andy Kilby 40.56

13 Nick Wall 41.11

14 Martin Croucher 42.42 Rachel Barrow 42.45

16 Liza Darroch 46.40

17 Ruth Fulford 47.52

18 Paul Barrow 53.29

19 Louise Abbott 53.35


1 Kate Sackett 85.24%

2 Liza Darroch 82.33%

3 Ruth Fulford 80.27%

4 Karen Higuera 77.53%

5 Brian Harris 76.03%

6 Ian Barrett 74.04%

7 Gordon Jones 72.14%

8 Jo Musk 71.44%

9 Rachel Ranger 70.25%

10 Dorian Matts 69.97%

11 Rachel Barrow 65.86%

12 Andy Kilby 65.24%

13 Rupert Chesmore 64.90%

14 Nick Wall 64.85%

15 Tim Ingham 62.76%

16 Gary Wood 60.81%

17 Louise Abbott 60.64%

18 Paul Barrow 54.82%

19 Martin Croucher 53.84%


To work out the handicap score, your original 5 mile run during the week ending the 12th April has been used. Your new time divided by your original time has produced a percentage. Any percentage higher than 100, means you have run quicker this week. For people whom this run is their first 5 mile performance, I have simply given them 100.

1 Karen Higuera 140.05

2 Gary Wood 113.33

3 Rachel Barrow 106.52

4 Rachel Ranger 105.52

5 Louise Abbott 103.49

6 Dorian Matts 102.70

7 Brian Harris 102.53

8 Ruth Fulford 101.92

9 Kate Sackett 101.27

10= Paul Barrow 100

10= Andy Kilby 100

10= Rupert Chesmore 100

10= Gordon Jones 100

10= Jo Musk 100

10= Nick Wall 100

16 Tim Ingham 99.42

17 Liza Darroch 98.68

18 Martin Croucher 98.09

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