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Weekly report - 22 December 2018

parkruns, 5km trail

This report was filed early because of the Festive season and is therefore

restricted to Saturday’s parkruns and one race carried over from last week.


The combination of a dearth of races and the holiday mood encouraged more

members out for a parkrun. Run of the week to the MacAdam and Campbell

families who ran at Swindon dressed up as the three wise men and a star from

the East together with an (unexplained) Fairy godmother. Jacob, Isaac and

Ollie all ran together but left Alan (the senior king) slightly behind while Rachel

was clearly enjoying her costume and a good run. Fastest run of the week was

by Ian Barrett who was 7 th at Swindon in 18.03 while Martin Croucher (just

about over jet lag) finished in 3 rd in Adelaide in 20.27 and (junior) Luke Buck

was 5 th at Cirencester with 20.40. Great runs too from James Widdowson, 12 th

in 23.02 and Karen Higuera in her first parkrun finishing 14 th (2nd lady) in 23.08.

Rob Jones slowed slightly this week but great to see he was followed by his

sometimes training partner Brendan McCarthy and that Paul Barrow was back

competing after a long post marathon lay off.

Cirencester AC finishers:

Cirencester:  5 Luke Buck 20.40, 12 James Widdowson 23.02, 14 Karen

Higuera 23.08, 42 Rob Jones 25.35, 57 Brendan McCarthy 27.40, 

63 Pam Wheeler 28.06, 78 Rachel Barrow 29.44, 90 Simon Campbell 30.59,

117 Paul Barrow 38.08, 127 finished

Swindon: 7 Ian Barrett 18.03, 61 Keith Firkin 22.25, 74 Jacob McAdam

23.023, 75 Isaac McAdam 23.02, 76 Ollie Campbell 23.03,

140 Alan McAdam 24.50, 207 Barbara Thomas 26.39, 220 Rachel McAdam

26.54, 272 David Moss 28.50, 503 finished

Thornbury:  45 Ruth Fulford 30.46, 60 finished

Jubilee Way, Adelaide, Australia:  3 Martin Croucher 20.27, 147 finished

Rudolph's Rampage, Painswick, 7km multi-terrain

Barbara Thomas, who is still working hard to achieve her annual target of 100

races over the year, was halfway up the field in the demanding but definitely

“fun” Rudolph’s Rampage in Painswick (basically it involves struggling up a

big, big muddy hill to run down again.

1 Steve Kenyon (Gloucester AC) 30.42

118 Barbara Thomas (Cirencester AC) 1.01.13

222 finished.

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