Rendcomb XC

Dear all,

We are delighted to be hosting this year's Gloucestershire Cross country champs again at Rendcomb College. I have measured out a new course behind the school through the woods (as the river is over waist height). Arthur Daley is dealing with all the administrative side, so all that's left to do is to organise some marshals for the day (RSE running club have generously offered to help with marshalling this year).

The timetable is listed below; we will need about 12-20 volunteers in total but the more the merrier! There will be free cake for all who volunteer and we will rotate the volunteers through the day so you won't have to stay for the whole day, just an hour or two.

We are also keen to get as many Cirencester AC runners out running as possible as it a lovely course with hills, woods and mud. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to volunteer, run, or run AND volunteer so that we can draw up a timetable.


Under 11 Girls 11:00 am 2.0 km

Under 11 Boys 11:15 noon 2.0 km

Under 13 Girls 11:30 pm 3.0 km

Under 13 Boys 11:50 pm 3.0 km

Under 15 Girls 12:10 pm 4.5 km

Under 15 Boys 12:35 pm 4.5 km

Under 17 Men/Under 20 Men 13:00

U17/U20/Senior/Vet Ladies/MV65+ 13:40 pm 6.5 km

U20/Senior/Vet Men 14:30 pm 10.0 km

Please message me or Liz to volunteer.

Kind regards,

James and Liz

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