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Open Track Meeting at Cheltenham, Monday 2nd May

Hi all, Cheltenham Harriers are hosting the Brewer Memorial Games on Monday 2nd May during the day. This an open meeting, so anyone can enter, and take it from me, competitors of all standards participate. I was beaten by an 11 year old in a 800m event last year.

Details can be found at :

I would encourage anyone who wants to try out their speed in competition with similar speed athletes to enter. The races are graded on expected performance, so you should be competing with similar quality athletes, of all ages.

Events range in distance from 75m for Under 11's through to 3000m for the seniors. There's also a range of field events to try out, if you so fancy.

U11's and U13's can enter the four-event 'Quadkids' competition, a bit like being a junior Jessica Ennis-Hill!

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