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New Membership Renewal Process

Updated: Apr 8

Hello all,

We are introducing a new renewal application process to enable us to do two things:

1. Ensure we treat you and your information as you wish, so we can discharge our duty of care and comply with GDPR.

2. We can support your membership by ensuring we know your wishes concerning your membership of the Club

To do this we have developed an on-line form.

We will use this to process your renewal of your Club membership and affiliation to England Athletics, if requested.

The information is held securely and only our Membership Officer, Rachel Ranger, and I will have access to the data unless you indicate otherwise (there are permission questions). We will use the information in the form to ensure we communicate with you on the aspects of Club Membership that interest you. We will also use the information to provide the Club committee with trends (all data will be anonymous for such analysis) so that the Club can develop in line with the wishes of its members. Of course, we welcome all feedback from you on what you think about the Club and its activities, in person at any time.

Thanks in advance,

Dorian, Head of Coaching

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