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Low Key Open Track and Field Events for Children

I know participating in your first track and field events can seem rather daunting, so Cheltenham and County Harriers are putting on some events for new athletes, for children in School Years 3 to 8, at the Prince of Wales stadium, Tommy Taylors Lane, Cheltenham; the first event is on Saturday 6th May.

This is a great opportunity to try new events, as first event is £8 whereas all subsequent events are only £2, and include children specific events such as Vortex throw and speed bounce, as well as the more usual running, jumping and throwing events. In the weekly training sessions the children do the activities that would enable them to enter all the events, if they feel really energetic!!

Schedule of events

If you wish your child to participate but are not sure in which events, I am happy to advise.

Dorian, Head of Coaching

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