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Juniors and Teens Schedule to end of July

Here are the sessions for about the next three months. There are two eight-week blocks for that period and there will be six sessions in each as follows:

27th April to 15th June

Session each week, except 11th May (coach unavailable) and 15th June (Junior Summer Sizzler).

22nd June to 10th August

Session each week, except 3rd and 10th August (coach unavailable).

Sessions Structure

Each session is based on England Athletics’ “Athletics 365 Challenge and Curriculum” and comprises:

  • RAMP warm-up, to ensure reduce risk of injury or muscle soreness

  • Physical Conditioning (Agility, Balance and Coordination)

  • Technical skills and strength development, e.g. sprint starts and drive, long jump

  • Energy Systems development (Fitness), through different running distances, speeds and recoveries – during first period preparing for participation in the Junior Sizzler

  • Cool down and stretches to aid muscle recovery and prevention of stiffness.

Junior group sessions are from 6:00 to 6:45pm; Teen group sessions are from 6:30 to 7:30pm. Both sessions are at Kingshill School playing fields.

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