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Ahead of the 2024 county road race series, just a reminder of a couple of changes and for anyone eligible to 'move up' an age category:


Masters (Vet) categories will be aligned for both male and female competitors, starting at V35. For the series table, this will be automated.

For V75 and upwards, only four points-scoring races are required to qualify for series ranking.


Anyone who changes age category in 2024 (e.g. V45 to V50) has the option to either compete in their 'new' age category or remain in their 'start-of-year' age category. There are two provisos to this:

i - they can only score in one age category, not both.

ii - they can only score in their 'new' age category after their birthday

If they wish to compete in their 'new' age category, they must inform the series coordinator prior to their birthday.

A copy of the series rules is available form the GlosAAA road running web page (link). Paragraph 9 relates to age categories.

Please inform your club members.

Many thanks,

Philip Jeyes.

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