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The following is a plea from the hard working Gloucestershire AAA team. If you are able to help please contact Arthur on

Arthur writes:

I'm sure that you will be as pleased as I am that I have a venue for the reserve date of March 1st.

I am currently planning the course and finalising all the arrangements but wanted to let you know especially as I will need help.

We have not been able to find a club to promote the meeting so this is being organised by Gloucestershire AAA. This is the association of Gloucestershire Athletic clubs and is made up of  representatives from all the clubs. It is like parkrun comprised entirely of volunteers.

I will have the services of the volunteer officials at the start and finish and have had some offers to help mark the course. I will need marshals on the course so appeal to all runners and their parents and friends to help promote this meeting. The course is different to that of the last time we raced at Old Down and needs fewer marshals. Could you consider volunteering even if only for two or three races?  There are no special skills needed  and the course will be well marked with tape so the main purpose of marshal is to help direct runners around the course and call for medical aid if needed.  Contact me using the address above; if I do not have all the essential marshal  positions covered I will  not be able to start the race.

You maybe aware that the last time we were at Old Down we had a medical incident on the course. Our first aiders attended and were supported by a doctor who was watching the races. She suggested that other medically trained people may be willing for to offer support to out trained first aiders. If you have the skills and are willing to help please contact me using the address above.

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