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CRO Report week ending 23rd August

Thanks to Martin for the results and report this week.

Last week it was the extremely hot temperatures that made running a bit tricky. This week it’s been storm Ellen with the battering rain and high winds. Us runners wouldn’t want it any other way, a ready made excuse as to why our run wasn’t perfect!!!

However, that hasn’t stopped plenty of CRO regulars putting in some stunning performances this week. Top of the tree for gun time was the ultra consistent Ian Barrett with Dorian Matts doing his best to give him a run for his money. Next follows a gaggle of runners who look to be preparing nicely for the upcoming half marathon CRO challenge next week. Although near the back of the field, Pam Wheeler’s run this week proves being consistent and sticking to a plan when you are returning from injury is the way to go, with her quickest CRO 5k run to date. And not to leave out Louise Abbott, although saying that the route she chose was more hillier than normal, her time is almost 2 minutes quicker than the her very first CRO run in late March.

It is nice to see a new name at the top of the handicap list this week, with Rachel Barrow proving that last week’s illness is well behind her. Her time of 26.13, again, is up there with her best 5k performances and this run wasn’t even flat out. There is surely more to come so watch this space...And the rest of the handicap performances show that nothing really beats consistency for improving your running week on week.

Get yourself a race number.

And not forgetting, if you haven’t completed a CRO run yet, this is THE week to start. This week’s distances are either a half marathon or a 10k, or indeed both if you are feeling sprightly. However, this time, we have introduced personalised numbers to keep you company during your run. If you haven’t yet got one of these numbers, simply email Martin at and he will send you one back by return for you to proudly wear whilst you run. We have all missed pinning a number on in recent months, so why not channel the inspiration it provides and give either the half marathon or 10k your best shot this week.

Remember, you can choose to run at any point during the week, but we have set aside an official start time of 10am on Sunday 24th so you can run virtually with people if you wish. Indeed, our former Junior coach, Sophie Chudley, who now lives in Sydney is planning to complete her run at 7pm local time to coincide with our 10am start time here. So why not join Sophie and the rest of us next Sunday??


1 Ian Barrett 19.31

2 Dorian Matts 22.42

3 Rupert Chesmore 25.45

4 Rachel Barrow 26.13

5 Martin Croucher 26.15

6 Liza Darroch 27.58

7 Ruth Fulford 29.02

8 Pam Wheeler 31.25

9 Louise Abbott 31.33


1 Liza Darroch 83.23%

2 Ruth Fulford 80.17%

3 Ian Barrett 73.40%

4 Dorian Matts 69.79%

5 Pam Wheeler 65.88%

6 Rachel Barrow 65.49%

7 Louise Abbott 63.60%

8 Rupert Chesmore 62.07%

9 Martin Croucher 52.88%

Source for age grading


To work out the handicap score, your last 5k run has been used. Your original time divided by your new time has produced a percentage. Any percentage higher than 100, means you have run quicker this week. For people whom this run is their first 5k performance, I have simply given them 100.

1 Rachel Barrow 116.60

2 Martin Croucher 104.26

3 Dorian Matts 103.75

4 Pam Wheeler 103.56

5 Ian Barrett 101.37

6 Louise Abbott 97.94

7 Ruth Fulford 95.87

8 Rupert Chesmore 95.80

9 Liza Darroch 95.54

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