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Club Track Championships Results

On a darkening but fine evening, over 20 of Cirencester AC’s finest competed for the Club grass track Championships.

Whilst most of the runners were put through their paces on a dynamic workout by our coach Andy, the fast group runners were tackling the Ross Barkley 3k handicap comprising 3 reps of 2 and half laps in lanes, the lane length being the handicap. Using the Cross-Country scoring system saw a close race with James Thomas (left) just pipping joint runners-up of Aaron Willis (middle), Louis Nolan (in the distance) and “new boy”, Peter Wilcock (right).

Then all the runners participated in a Running Triathlon, comprising “the Mile”, a “Half Park Run” and the Blue Riband event, 100m. The first two relay races were done in pairs (each runner doing 2x 400m) and trios (each runner doing 4x 200m). Points were awarded to individuals in the relays and the 100m as per XC scoring and the rankings for each running standard group determined. The juniors were in the mix with the adults of comparable standard.

For the Fast group, "triathlete" of the day was Louis, just holding off equal runners-up Peter, Simon Campbell and Isobel Watt (junior).

For the Middle group a junior Harry Hanson took first prize just beating equal runners up, Jos Randall and Tanya Everett.

For the Improvers group, the winner was a worthy Ruth Fulford who showed a fine dip for the line in the 100m.

For the eight Juniors who competed, Harry was first followed closely by Grace Davis and Isobel.

Thanks to all the runners who made it a fun evening, managing to run relays in the near dark with social distancing and still run flat out for 100m. Shame it was too dark for medal presentations!

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