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Club Sessions update

Update on training:

We will be on the track at Deer Park from May, so when we resume on 30th March, we will be using the winter venues. More information on how we will be doing the sessions next week.


See January 11th blog for Session Guidance and your Health and Safety

Session 1 : Intervals

Purpose of session : To build running fitness

WU : 10-15 minutes jogging and drills


• 3 reps of 3 minutes, with 1 minute recoveries, 3 minutes recovery;

• 5 minutes effort, 3 minutes recovery and

• then 3 reps of 3 minutes again with 1 minute recoveries,

so nearly 25 minutes of effort, so I expect 5k + pace

CD : 10 minutes jogging plus static stretches

Session 2 : Tempo

Purpose of session : To build stamina

WU – at least one mile and include 2 sets of strides

Efforts :

2x 15 minutes Tempo with 2 mins jogging between – run evenly or negative split

CD : 10 minutes jogging plus static stretches in the warm

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