Club sessions for week 22nd February

Warmer drier weather coming so a chance to do some faster running.

Picture this week : Ollie and James running at speed in the sunshine!


Session 1 : Intervals

Purpose of Session : develop running fitness and strength

Warm Up : 15 minutes steady, including strides and drills (see last week's for drills).

Efforts :

Sets of 2m hard, 1m jog; 1m hard; 30s jog; 30s hard; 30s jog

Fast Group : 8 - 10 sets

Middle Group : 5 - 8 sets

Improvers Group : 5 sets

Cool down : 5 minutes+ with static stretching

Session 2 : Tempo

Purpose of session : to improve your stamina

Warm Up : 15 minutes, including strides

Efforts :

Fast group : 45 minutes at 10s per km slower than normal tempo pace.

Middle Group : 3 off 10-minute efforts at tempo pace, with 2 minutes recoveries

Improvers Group : as per middle group.

Cool down : 5 minutes+ with static stretching

Have fun with them and watch out for additional training information over the next couple of weeks.

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