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Here are the fixtures for next year’s championship. This year they mostly align with Glos AAA’s series, except for a couple of old favourites with club members. The club website will be updated with these fixtures and more details over the next few weeks, but three races are expected to open entries SOON, which is why we’re telling you now.

Race 1 - we’ve been told early December opening

Race 2 - entries will open for Bourton 10k at 07:00 this coming Friday 1st December and always go quickly. {But if you ran a Bourton race last year, you may have had an email recently with a code enabling you to pre-register before general entries open - you can’t pass this code to anyone else}.

Race 9 - RSE have said entries for Fairford could open in December.

The committee will try and update the Races part of the website as more information becomes available, and flag entry dates on the WhatsApp group. You may also pick up information on the AAA races here

We will use the same points system as last year (e.g. 20 for 1st, 19 for 2nd etc.) except that if you complete a marathon between 1st January and the date of the Stroud HM in October, you’ll get a minimum 10 points.

Any questions ask Brian Harris

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