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Club activities and competitive running events about to return?

Another quiet week as we await advice for the new Tier Two from England Athletics. We are hoping that we can return to Covid conforming Tuesday evening sessions and CROSS trail runs in the near future but this week we will stick to suggesting that you stay near home, run as far as you like but otherwise travel as little as you can.

Watch this NewsFeed and our Whatsapp and Facebook feeds for details about any changes.

As for last week, the indefatigable Nicola Wood was out churning up and down the Thames again – completing another 3782m of our target – for more details look on - over 20% done. Repeated congratulations and thanks to Nicola.

As for road running – the faithful five did their bit with Ruth soundly beating Liza over the five mile distance again but good runs all round.

Week Ending November 29th, CROSS 5 mile, any terrain

1 Martin Croucher 41.47

2 Ruth Fulford 47.11

3= Liza Darroch 47.22

3= Rupert Chesmore 47.22

5 Louise Abbott 52.37

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