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Cirencester Runs On (CRO ) Week 21

Thanks to Ruth for this weeks report and of course to Martin for the results!

Runners this week faced tropical weather conditions for the majority of the week however it suited Andy Kilby, Rob Tuttle, Liza Darroch and Louise Abbott who all ran their fastest CRO 5K. Andy knocking nearly 2 minutes from his time of two weeks ago and Liza being a minute and a half quicker. Paul Barrow also ran his best time since June. This week it was the turn of Joe Stickney to represent the juniors with a fabulous time of 23.47.

Entries are now open for the Bath half marathon on 14th March 2021 which usually sells out very quickly. Our very own CRO half marathon on w/c 24th August would be good preparation for this race so email Martin on: to get yourself a number and join in.

Here are the dates for future CRO runs:

w/c 17th August 5K

w/c 24th August ½ Marathon or 10K

w/c 31st August 1 mile

w/c 7th September 5K

w/c 14th September 5K

w/c 21st September 5 mile

w/c 28th September 1 mile

w/c 5th October 5K

w/c 12th October 5K

w/c 19th October 10miles

Week Ending August 16th, Cirencester Runs On (CRO), 5k any surface


1 Kate Sackett 22.11

2 Sophie Chudley 22.18

3 Brian Harris 23.07

4 Joe Stickney 23.47 (J – age 9)

5 Andy Kilby 24.38

6= Rupert Chesmore 24.40

6= Rob Tuttle 24.40

8 Liza Darroch 26.43

9 Martin Croucher 27.22

10 Ruth Fulford 27.50

11 Rachel Ranger 29.13

12 Rachel Barrow 30.34

13 Louise Abbott 30.54

14 Paul Barrow 32.29

15 Pam Wheeler 32.32


1 Liza Darroch 87.12%

2 Kate Sackett 86.47%

3 Ruth Fulford 83.63%

4 Sophie Chudley 69.08%

5 Joe Stickney 67.34%

6 Brian Harris 66.76%

7 Andy Kilby 65.47%

8 Rupert Chesmore 64.80%

9 Pam Wheeler 63.62%

10 Rob Tuttle 60.99%

11 Louise Abbott 56.31%

12 Rachel Barrow 56.17%

13 Rachel Ranger 55.84%

14 Paul Barrow 54.50%

15 Martin Croucher 50.72%

Source for age grading


To work out the handicap score, your last 5k run has been used. Your original time divided by your new time has produced a percentage. Any percentage higher than 100, means you have run quicker this week. For people whom this run is their first 5k performance, I have simply given them 100.

1 Rupert Chesmore 114.46

2 Andy Kilby 107.72

3 Liza Darroch 105.68

4 Ruth Fulford 102.70

5 Paul Barrow 102.37

6 Rob Tuttle 101.29

7 Louise Abbott 100.49

8 Joe Stickney 100

9 Kate Sackett 99.78

10 Pam Wheeler 98.93

11 Rachel Barrow 97.77

12 Martin Croucher 95.80

13 Sophie Chudley 92.83

14 Brian Harris 89.55

15 Rachel Ranger 80.44

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