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Another relay race - this time organized by Cirencester AC

Firstly our combined congratulations to Ollie Pritchard and his Cotswold Way Relay teams – please see Ollie’s report also on the club Newsfeed, Facebook etc. Thanks to Ollie, no less than 26 members were able to take part in the event. Some chose to attack from the start, in some cases even returning to try to reduce their time for their leg and others took a more relaxed approach determined to enjoyed begin out and about and running somewhere different. In these days of lockdown and Covid controls this proved as important as anything for some of us.

Equally exciting is the news that we – your own Cirencester Athletics Club – are organising another virtual relay race – to run the 94 miles of the Gloucestershire Way from Chepstow to Tewkesbury. If you want to know more – look at the EVENTS section of the club web site. James and team will be launching it soon.

Cirencester Run On - (CRO)- Week 19

This week’s CRO run was the old faithful 5 km and while Ian Barrett managed to hold his own at the front, despite taking it easier than sometimes, Brian Harris had to share second place with Sophie Chudley who is clearly back to form. Kate Sackett, James Widdowson and Karen Higuera were not far behind. Dorian Matts came next with 9 year old Robert Stickeny (welcome and congratulations Rob) less than a minute behind. Another Rob (Tuttle) returned to CRO running and Martin Croucher popped up next. Karen Higuera scored a record breaking 130% in the handicap list – which tells us more about her previous time (which was taken from a hill session?). It is equally exciting to see good runs from Pam Wheeler and James Widdowson giving them strong handicap scores. The usual suspects held the top of the age grading list.

Next week will be the 20th CRO run so I am planning to share some thoughts from the male regulars so please feel free to email me. Some small off road events and other larger triathlons are starting to reappear on the calendar but in the absence of any “ordinary” road races we will continue with CRO so this would be a good time to share any ideas on how to improve CRO and/or involve more members.

CRO run plans for the next few weeks are:

Week beginning August 3rd 1 mile

August 10th 5 kms

August 17th 5 kms

August 24th Half Marathon (13.1 mile/21 km) OR 10 kms.

Don’t forget all you have to do is run the distance and email your time to .

Week Ending August 2nd, Cirencester Runs On (CRO), 5k any surface


1 Ian Barrett 19.09

2= Sophie Chudley 20.42

2= Brian Harris 20.42

4 Kate Sackett 22.08

5 James Widdowson 22.28

6 Karen Higuera 22.39

7 Dorian Matts 23.33

8 Robbie Stickney 24.14 (J - age 9)

9 Rob Tuttle 24.59

10 Martin Croucher 26.13

11 Andy Kilby 26.32

12 Liza Darroch 28.14

13 Rupert Chesmore 28.14

14 Ruth Fulford 28.35

15 Rachel Barrow 29.53

16 Louise Abbott 31.03

17 Pam Wheeler 32.11

18 Paul Barrow 33.15


1 Kate Sackett 86.67%

2 Liza Darroch 82.44%

3 Ruth Fulford 81.43%

4 Karen Higuera 78.91%

5 Ian Barrett 74.80%

6 Brian Harris 74.56%

7 Sophie Chudley 74.42%

8 Dorian Matts 67.28%

9 Robbie Stickney 66.09%

10 Louise Abbott 64.62%

11 Pam Wheeler 64.31%

12 James Widdowson 62.27%

13 Andy Kilby 60.78%

14 Rob Tuttle 60.22%

15 Rachel Barrow 57.46%

16 Rupert Chesmore 56.61%

17 Paul Barrow 53.25%

18 Martin Croucher 52.95%


To work out the handicap score, your last 5k run has been used. Your original time divided by your new time has produced a percentage. Any percentage higher than 100, means you have run quicker this week. For people whom this run is their first 5k performance, I have simply given them 100.

1 Karen Higuera 130.03

2 Pam Wheeler 103.94

3 James Widdowson 103.05

4 Martin Croucher 102.42

5 Ruth Fulford 100.65

6 Rob Tuttle 100.47

7 Louise Abbott 100.06

8 Robbie Stickney 100

9 Kate Sackett 99.63

10 Paul Barrow 99.15

11 Ian Barrett 98.96

12 Sophie Chudley 98.48

13 Liza Darroch 97.29

14 Brian Harris 96.54

15 Andy Kilby 95.55

16 Dorian Matts 95.33

17 Rachel Barrow 91.03

18 Rupert Chesmore 86.19


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