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Annual Achievement Awards for Juniors and Teens

This evening, it was a privilege to present the first annual Junior and Teens Achievement Awards for 2022 - 2023. Based on participation in the training sessions and representing the Club in events the results were as follows.

Juniors (out of a possible 24 points):

  1. Aria Stavrakakis (15.3) [below]

  2. Emma Cunningham (14.0)

  3. Ellena Daniels (13.7)

Teens (also out of 24)

  1. Caitlin Musgrove (16.0) [right]

  2. Josh Neal (15.7)

  3. Joe Stickney and See Compton-Evans (both 14.3)

Both girls participated in Open track meetings, in addition to cross country and the Junior Sizzler.

Well done to all the children who have represented the Club - we'll be weighting that more for this year.


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