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Millie and Sophie Chudley have shared their results from the 2nd post lockdown parkrun in North Sydney - definitely something to celebrate after several months with only virtual events. And what a result! A superb 22.50 PB for Millie and a gutsy hanging on to Millie’s heals by Sophie was their reward after getting up to run at 8 am. Our congratulations to Millie who was 4th woman to finish this 100th North Sydney parkrun (being held some 10 months late). Sophie reports that the three lap course was “a bit wiggly” but a lot less muddy than our Cirencester Ag College route would be (if only we could run it !!)

North Sydney parkrun, 5k, multi-terrain

1 Joseph Thomas (Adelaide Harriers AC) 19.44

20 Millie Chudley (Cirencester AC) 22.50

21 Sophie Chudley 22.50

175 finished

We are also aware of two local virtual events. Firstly the Fairford 10k organised by our sister club, Running Somewhere Else finished on New Year’s Eve but not before 8 club members shared their results - listed below. And who better to head the list but the ever faster Rachel Barrow who was followed by Jos Randall who has used her departure from British Airways to find a new full time job AND improve her running. The Darroch v Fulford competition continued with a slight win by Liza this time around but more exciting was the presence of sisters Helen and Pam with the latter thrilled to be returning from injury. Paul Barrow and Chris Previtt also had good runs.

However we will have to wait for the results of the Tewkesbury 5 miler organised to raise fund for Gloucester’s Neonatal Unit but the photo gives you a clue of the identity of two entrants.

December 2020, Virtual Fairford 10k, 10k, any terrain

Rachel Barrow 51.11

Jocelyn Randall 52.27

Liza Darroch 57.02

Ruth Fulford 57.25

Helen Manners 1.05.06

Paul Barrow 1.07.47

Pam Wheeler 1.09.03

Chris Prevett 1.15.42


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